The severity of drug abuse has raised concerns after Taiwanese actor Ko Kai was caught in Beijing using marijuana, which is a Class 2 drug in Taiwan. -China Post/ANN
Indian PM seeks to strengthen security and business ties with Japan. -Reuters
Bai Enpei, Communist Party's former top official in Yunnan province, under investigation. -Reuters
Economics Minister promised not to raise electricity prices this or next year, unless there are exceptional changes to raw material prices in the global market. -China Post/ANN
Tousands of protesters massed outside residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, demanding his resignation. -Reuters
Lien and Ko continued to trade verbal blows as they separately took part in public events to promote their campaigns. -China Post/ANN
Chinese parliament meets, with largely rubber-stamp body likely to snuff out hopes for a democratic breakthrough. -Reuters
Islamabad police chief Khalid Khattak said the police exercised restraint but the protesters were armed with axes, wire cutters and hammers. -AFP
The 44-year-old was killed when he purportedly tried to escape while being escorted under heavy guard from a court appearance in Bongao. -The Star/ANN
Ahead of a visit to Japan this weekend to boost India's ties with Asia's second-largest economy, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is tweeting up a storm - in Japanese, no less. -ST