Automaker says sales volume didn't grow, and it didn't get any advantages from scale. -Nikkei Asian Review
The technology is the leading candidate for a planned 500km railway linking Mumbai and the state of Gujarat. -Nikkei Asian Review
Ling Jihua heads a Communist Party body charged with reaching out to non-Communists and holds a rank equivalent to vice premier. -Reuters
About 14,000 Koreans have travelled to the Philippines to study the language over the past 3 years. -WSJ
Budget aimed at high growth, pace of cutting fiscal deficit would slow to boost investment and ensure that ordinary people benefit. -Reuters
But import duty would be kept at record high in a setback for jewellers. -Reuters
People's Bank of China said it would further liberalise interest rates. -Reuters
Defence spending up by modest 7.9 per cent. -Reuters
Liu Zheng is embroiled in a corruption scandal. -Reuters
Kim Jong-Un has urged his army to prepare for war with the United States and its allies. -AFP