They should also be interested in maiko's beautiful movements, and their courtesy and rules of etiquette. -Japan News/ANN
The issues Aquino would raise against China's massive land reclamation activities would be "more than what he raised during the last summit." -PDI/ANN
Japan poised to become the fourth nation to land on the moon. -Japan News/ANN
Vietnamese government pledges support to the country's lawyers in redressing shortcomings in the legal system. -VNN/ANN
Children of itinerant workers struggle in cities, have difficulties getting into public high schools. -China Daily/ANN
Abe sent an evergreen shrub in honour of Japan's war dead, a gesture likely to anger China. -Reuters
Request came after Vietnamese air crew members were arrested in South Korea for smuggling gold. -VNN/ANN
The following places offer quick tutorials on crafting and you can leave the premises toting your own creations. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Important cabinet meetings were held at Tekigaiso before the war, making it a politically significant location. -Japan News/ANN
South Korea insisted that under a previous accord, employment conditions in the zone could only be adjusted with the agreement of both sides. -AFP