A man and his mother are among four people facing charges in Indore, north India, for allegedly forcing his wife to prove her chastity in front of a village council by holding red-hot iron rods. -The...
Firefighters were seen battling to extinguish the blaze in the town of Betong in Yala province as a plume of black smoke rose from the blast site. -The Star/ANN
The High Court here has granted leave for a order filed by kindergarten teacher to compel Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to obey a court order to arrest her ex-husband and find...
Indonesian president-elect Joko Widodo beat his rival, Mr Prabowo Subianto in the elections. -TNP
She had reportedly only obtained her driver's licence last December and seldom drove after that. -Stomp
The Prabowo campaign yesterday called on world leaders to withhold their congratulations until Mr Prabowo had resolved his allegations of fraud in court. -ST
One reason for the optimistic economic outlook is that Mr Joko is largely seen as a business-friendly leader who has vowed to introduce economic reforms. -ST
One says 'malpractice went on for years with approval'. -ST
It was an open secret that Washington's administration officials preferred not to have to deal with the dark record of Mr Joko's opponent Prabowo Subianto. -ST
Fears of extended political uncertainty recede because of large vote margin. -ST