The ministry found that about 90 per cent of the viewers had a favourable impression about Japan. -Japan News/ANN
The Imperial couple offered white chrysanthemums at Tokyo Memorial Hall's altar in Sumida Ward. -Japan News/ANN
Government institutions decided last week to settle the past cases through reconciliation. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Asian countries need to invest in infrastructure using funds from whatever source they can secure. -The Star/ANN
The ultimate decision is Jokowi's alone to make. -Jakarta Post/ANN
The US is ready to assist Indonesia. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Singers who perform songs about love of country do not think about money and glory. -VNN/ANN
The facilities on Galdo Island are expected to house 122-millimeter multiple rocket launchers or guard posts. -Korea Herald/ANN
Data from each agency's quake-measuring stations and devices would be recorded on the same database. -The Nation/ANN
He says it is a prerequisite to speed up her reform drive aimed at reviving the economy and eradicating corruptive practices. -Korea Herald/ANN