Three provincial legislators were among those wounded when gunmen hurled hand grenades and opened fire on the Muttahida Qaumi Movement membership drive meeting. -AFP
Obama informed Sharif of his forthcoming trip to India and said he would visit Pakistan as soon as the situation normalises in the country. -AFP
Life guards launched jet skis to attempt to chase the shark out to sea but by the time they reached the area, they could not sight it, reports said. -AFP
Japan's defence ministry announced the decision on its website on Friday after a budget document released in August requested funds for tilt-rotor aircraft. -Reuters
The journalists were blacklisted on the recommendation of the intelligence services over "acts committed against the president during a summit in Bali, Indonesia". -AFP
Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters are at a crossroads as activists are split on whether to retreat or ramp up their campaign. -AFP
The two ministers were supposed to accompany junta leader General Prayut to meet the King on Friday evening. -AFP
The construction has stoked concern that China may be converting disputed territory in the mineral-rich archipelago into military installations, adding to tensions. -Reuters
For Gloria Teodoro and other women widowed by the Philippines' worst political massacre, the struggle to move on with their lives is as long and painful as their fight for justice. -AFP
The deal, to settle lawsuits that had been due to shortly go to civil trial, covers 81 victims of teacher Mark Berndt. -AFP