China Daily had described Occupy Central's organisers as conspirators, pushing "innocent" students and Hong Kongers to the front line. -ST
BJP wins in Haryana, Maharashtra offer him leverage to impose reforms. -ST
Mr Joko will be sworn in today and is expected to name his Cabinet as early as tomorrow. -ST
Popular trade minister caught up in scandal over misuse of political funds. -ST
A Taiwanese tycoon detained for involvement in a recent food safety scandal was Tuesday charged with fraud for his alleged role in a food scare last year, officials said. -AFP
Hong Kong's government held its first talks Tuesday with pro-democracy protest leaders after three weeks of mass rallies and roadblocks which have posed a challenge to Beijing. -AFP
US Marine accused of murdering a transgender person in the Philippines snubbed a summons by prosecutors Tuesday, sparking outrage by the victim's family. -AFP
Hong Kong's embattled leader Tuesday said he was open to creating a more democratic election committee before elections in 2017. -AFP
S Korea's unification minister on Tuesday urged activists planning to float anti-Pyongyang leaflets into N Korea to act prudently, ahead of proposed high-level talks. -AFP
Hong Kong authorities and pro-democracy protest leaders sat down on Tuesday for talks aimed at ending weeks of rallies that have paralysed the city's streets. -AFP