US lawmakers and firms have long complained that China deliberately undervalues the yuan to gain edge in international markets. -Reuters
BTC China's ATM is located in a cafe at a mall in Shanghai's Zhangjiang technology park area. -Reuters
Cash-strapped authorities find it almost impossible to chase down large number of defaulters - many of them powerful politicians. -Reuters
Profit-taking in the domestic sharemarket by offshore investors hurt the local unit. -Reuters
Overseas long-term investors were already hunting for stocks with growth potential before PM Abe took office. -Reuters
Bank Rossiya was sanctioned alongside its chairman and largest shareholder as part of punitive measures over Russia's annexation of Crimea. -Reuters
Authorities said cancer-inducing chemical found in tap water supplied by the firm at 20 times above national safety levels. -Reuters
Elite navy SEAL divers raced to find nearly 300 people missing. -AFP
Bid to establish permanent museum dedicated to crackdown in a unit of a Hong Kong commercial tower opposed by owners' committee. -Reuters
Priyanka Gandhi seen as a more natural leader in hurly-burly of Congress than her brother. -Reuters