Park argued that he only displayed affection toward the complainant, a golf caddie, as he would to a granddaughter, but did not cross a line. -The Korea Herald/ANN
The committee was disbanded because Article 30 of the interim charter empowered the NCPO to select the members itself. -The Nation/ANN
Finger of Vietnamese victim severed to demand Bt1.5m (S$59,000) from his family. -The Nation/ANN
More than three years after the disaster at Fukushima, where a tsunami sent reactors into meltdown, the Japanese public remains unconvinced of the safety of the nuclear power technology. -AFP
A group of South Korean activists launched tens of thousands of leaflets across the border carrying messages criticising North Korea's ruling dynasty, defying threats from Pyongyang to attack...
The man will be taken to the embassy on Monday to be given a new passport after further verification of his identity. -The Nation/ANN
Japan's defence ministry wants to develop its own early-warning aircraft, replacing US-made planes as the Chinese and Russian air forces grow more assertive, a report said. -AFP
The fake notes had a total face value of $7.6 million (S$9.5 million). -The Nation/ANN
Sri Lanka's ruling party saw its popularity significantly eroded in a narrow local election win seen as a bellwether for a snap presidential election, official results showed. -AFP
The poll showed Abhisit's popularity had increased by 5.6 per cent. -The Nation/ANN