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Thursday, Oct 16, 2014


Cat sold for $155,652

The Star/ANN | Thursday, Oct 16, 2014

A cat was sold for RM400,000 (S$155,652) in Sydney, Australia.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that a house owner put a house with five rooms, where his family had stayed for 19 years up for auction at the price of A$2.06mil (RM5.9mil), but the action failed as the price set was too high.

After some time, the house broker approached him and brought him surprising news that "someone was willing to pay A$2.2mil (RM6.3mil) for the house, but with the condition that a cat named Tiffany must be sold together".

At first the house owner thought that it was a joke, but when he found out that the man was an authentic buyer, he was overjoyed.

"I can't find a reason to reject this offer. It is time for me to bid farewell to Tiffany

"Tiffany is a princess and it was proven when her new owner offered A$140,000 for her," he said.

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