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Chinese car model flaunts wealth by posing with money in bed

AsiaOne | Friday, Jul 4, 2014

A set of photos of an attractive young woman posing with large amounts of cash in bed circulated online recently and sparked much debate among Chinese netizens.

Popular car model Tian Zizi is seen wearing black lingerie lying on a bed strewn with 100 yuan bills. She strikes alluring poses and even holds stacks of cash next to her face.

According to a Sina report, 23-year-old Tian is dubbed the wealthiest car model for purchasing a 4,000,000 yuan (S$802,500) super sports car within 5 minutes.

However, netizens are calling the photos 'tasteless' and labelling her as one of the crass nouveau riche.

Another set of photos posted on Tian's Weibo account show her posing with stacks of cash placed on the hood of a white BMW while holding an invitation card that says she is looking for a boyfriend to accompany her in a trip to watch the World Cup in Brazil.

The attention-seeking young woman is no stranger to baring her skin for the camera, as she is seen dressed provocatively in numerous auto shows and photoshoots.


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