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Sunday, Jun 22, 2014


Ferrari stands out in Jinan shantytown

China Daily/ANN | Sunday, Jun 22, 2014

File photo of a Ferrari car.

A young man in his twenties somehow has managed to buy a Ferrari sports car although he is not rich and lives in a shantytown in east China, iqilu.com reported Friday.

The presence of the Italian sports car presents a striking contrast to the run-down area where Zheng Jiajun lives in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong province.

Growing up in his impoverished neighborhood, which has been referred to as a shanytown, Zhang earned a lot of money in 2009 from selling high-end imported screws for bike trial lovers. He once earned 300,000 yuan (S$60,163) a day on his best day, and his brisk business continued for an entire month.

He enjoys showing off his wealth and the luxurious side of his life on social networking sites like WeChat and Sina Weibo.

"I have no way to be low-key. If I had a hundred million yuan, I don't have to be high profile." he explained to reporters, "I am not the son of a millionaire. Without a good background, who would ever take notice of me if I kept a low profile?"

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