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Friday, Jan 24, 2014


Heart-stopping video shows child playing dangerously on ledge of high-rise block

Stomp | Friday, Jan 24, 2014

Stomp contributor Aimnfire was shocked to come across a viral video which shows an unattended child playing dangerously on the window-ledge of a flat in a high rise block.

It is unclear which country the video was taken in, but the clip has become a talking point online.

Viewers have stated how this is not the first clip they have seen of children ending up on window-ledges when left unattended.

The video starts of with the camera zooming in to the child, who has managed to climb from the flat onto the ledge.

For the next few minutes, he walks around on the ledge, and peeks over the edge.

Towards the end of the clip, he even sits at the very edge of the ledge and dangles his legs.

He then stands up to walk around the ledge, when someone from inside the flat grabs him and pulls him in.

Stomp contributor Aimnfire said:

"I saw this video on facebook.

"My heart can stop beating just by watching this."

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