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Friday, Oct 10, 2014


High cost of living in Thailand a worry: Poll

The Nation/ANN | Friday, Oct 10, 2014

About 66.5 per cent of Thais were worried about the high cost of living, especially of commodity products, followed by the falling price of agricultural products, a recent poll by Bangkok University revealed yesterday, ahead of the World Mental Health Day today.

The poll of 1,194 people nationwide also found that 36.7 per cent were worried about the drug issue and 33.9 per cent on disunity in society or political conflict.

The most stressful issue was rising commodity prices (47 per cent) followed by the debt (15 per cent).

While 57.3 per cent were satisfied with the performance of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha's government on tackling the high cost of living, 36.3 per cent said otherwise.

They wanted the government to tackle the high living cost (34.7 per cent), the low prices of agricultural products/economic stimulus policy (18.2 per cent), corruption (15 per cent), drug/crime issues (10.5 per cent) and disunity in society (9.9 per cent).

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