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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Indonesian military says no need for aircraft carrier

The Jakarta Post/ANN | Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Indonesian armed forces commander, General Moeldoko.

Indonesian Military (TNI) chief Gen. Moeldoko said the country had no intention of procuring an aircraft carrier to strengthen its primary defence system.

"An aircraft carrier is inappropriate for the Indonesian Military's doctrine," Moeldoko said as quoted by tempo.co on Monday.

He added that an aircraft carrier was unnecessary as the country had thousands of islands, from Aceh to Papua, that could accommodate the Air Force's aircraft.

Navy chief of staff Adm. Marsetio explained that the Navy would act in accordance with Indonesia's Green Water doctrine, which stipulates that its naval forces should not enter international waters. "Only countries with a Blue Water doctrine need aircraft carriers," Marsetio said.

He said countries with a Blue Water doctrine tended to be aggressors that threatened other countries, adding that Indonesia was a peaceful country that considered its territorial sovereignty of paramount importance.

Rising tensions in Southeast Asian waters have underlined Indonesia's Green Water policy, with Moeldoko explaining that the country would most likely adjust its personnel numbers in Natuna Islands, Riau Islands and at Datuk Cape in West Kalimantan.

Unlike Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia, which have become embroiled in sovereignty issues with China over the South China Sea, Indonesia has remained an observer.

"We will monitor the South China Sea to gauge developments from time to time," Moeldoko said as quoted by tribunnews.com on Monday.

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