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Monday, Jun 16, 2014


Indonesian police arrest fuel stockpiler

The Jakarta Post/ANN | Monday, Jun 16, 2014

The Merangin Police arrested on Friday a 35-year-old farmer, identified only as YN, for stockpiling as many as 30 jerry cans of subsidized fuel.

The police arrested YN after spotting his black Hilux truck during a routine patrol on the Trans-Sumatra Highway. The officers' suspicions were aroused by a black tarp covering several items in the truck bed.

The police pulled over YN and discovered that he was carrying 30 jerry cans of subsidized fuel - 15 of diesel and 15 of premium fuel.

YN was taken immediately to the Merangin Police headquarters at around 2 p.m., where he admitted that he was taking the fuel from Pelepet toward Merangin. From there, he was reportedly planning to sell it to residents in Kuamang Kuning.

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