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Thursday, Jun 12, 2014


Japanese man turns into schoolgirl with just make-up

Stomp | Thursday, Jun 12, 2014

Meet PurotanCH, a Niconico Douga and YouTuber who posts humorous videos of his adventures with make-up, and his surprisingly large biceps.

Watch his nigh-magical transformation from young man into high school girl, reports Rocket News.

With a bit of a cult following on the Internet, this man entertains audiences with daily live streams and numerous videos uploaded to both YouTube and Niconico Douga.

PurotanCH, who also goes by Protein, includes this interesting tidbit of information with his live stream schedule: Weekdays he appears in male form and on weekend nights he appears in female form.

While you might be thinking it's just a splash of cold water that causes his transformation like in Ranma 1/2, it turns out that it takes a bit more work to get PurotanCH at his prettiest.

Earlier this year, the vlogger shows just how his transformation is done in a video that's gotten over 37,000 views.

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