Yoo Byung-un, in his 70s, has been a bankrupt and an inventor of household and health-related devices. -Reuters
Modi made conciliatory comments towards other religions and took a lower-caste Ganges boatman with him to register as a candidate. -AFP
16 pirates in a speedboat boarded the ship under the cover of darkness. -AFP
Chen Shi-shuenn became the second cabinet member to resign over personal relationship issues in recent years.
Coleman has insisted that she was a devout Buddhist and the tattoo was out of respect and conviction. -AFP
The deal is a crucial part of Abe's promises to reform Japan's economy and stoke long-tepid growth. -AFP
Scenic Xinjiang is steeped in legends and exoticism. -SPU, ST
Jeju Island's scenic charm and amusing attractions fascinate Wong Sher Maine even on a rainy day. -SPU, ST
He encountered ASIMO, a robot which is about the size of a 10-year-old child in an astronaut suit. -AFP
Tokyo District Court ordered liquidation to begin at failed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. -Reuters