Father of the victim said the comments by convicted rapist should be exposed publicly. -AFP
Kim Ki-Jong who staged a shock attack on US ambassador, is a convicted political activist whose blog writings display profound anger towards "foreign powers". -AFP
"Funassyi", a fruit mascot who performs eye-watering stunts, has just returned from triumphant visit to New York. -AFP
Indonesian official rejects Australian death row prisoner swap proposal - media
US Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert was recovering from surgery Thursday following a knife attack that slashed open his cheek and damaged nerves in his right hand. -AFP
Prince William won praise from Chinese Internet users after he condemned illegal wildlife trafficking as "a vicious form of criminality". -AFP
Zhang Dejiang said last year's "illegal acts" highlight an urgent need to focus on young people. -Reuters
Disappearance of plane fuels conspiracy theories and heated online debate about one of aviation's biggest mysteries. -Reuters
Attorney general will decide in a few days on the date for the execution of up to 11 convicts, mostly foreigners. -Reuters
Cross-strait business ties have surged to their most extensive in six decades. -Reuters