Japanese carmakers are mulling the idea of introducing expiration dates for airbags. -AFP
Monday's raid shocked the nation with the justice secretary expressing outrage that Colanggo and the others were "living like kings". -AFP
Myanmar said witnesses who might be able to prove their innocence will not testify as they fear the Thai police. -Reuters
Taiwanese authorities on Thursday ordered a leading food company to recall two flavours of instant noodles over fears they contain a banned dye. -AFP
Chinese authorities are investigating a senior policeman in the Inner Mongolia region for his role in the wrongful execution in 1996 of a teenager. -AFP
Students grieving for their classmates massacred by the Pakistani Taleban Thursday vowed to defy the militants and return to school as soon as possible. -AFP
The 60-hour siege on India's economic capital left 166 people dead. -AFP
Christian group scrapped plan to construct a new Christmas tree-shaped tower near the border with N. Korea, citing high military tensions. -AFP
Prosecutors indicted Kwon Yoon Ja, 71, for embezzlement, siphoning off some US$28 million (S$36.5 million). -AFP
Destinations on the rise are dominated by places near to Malaysia. None in Malaysia however made the cut. -The Star/ANN