Matheryn Noavaratpong died in January 2015 after her family made the painful decision to take her off life support. -TNP
They will reveal another island being built, likely for airstrip, says Manila. -ST
Three years since Kim Jong Un took over as North Korea's supreme leader, the impoverished communist country is showing some signs of change. -Nikkei Asian Review
The crawler robot, sent inside the reactor's containment vessel, has now joined a previous robot which the utility also decided to leave there earlier this month. -Wall Street Journal
Central Asian nations are increasingly looking to China to boost their growth. -Nikkei Asian Review
"If we want to attract tourists to Indonesia, the availability of alcoholic beverages is a must." -Wall Street Journal
Rather than letting such food go to waste, one company is turning it into healthy, low-cost pig feed. -Nikkei Asian Review
Seeking security against a much larger neighbour is a rational objective but seeking parity with it on a constant basis is not. -Wall Street Journal
The consumer market in the Philippines is becoming more robust and vibrant as economic growth swells the ranks of the middle class. -Nikkei Asian Review
The old grain was purportedly from the 2011 harvest and was bought by the merchant from Sinograin at 2.84 yuan (around $.50) per kilogram. -Wall Street Journal