All reference to the crackdown is banned on the mainland, where many remain unaware of it. -AFP
A civilian diver claimed Friday that the government is not providing sufficient equipment and boats needed for search-and-rescue operations of sunken ferry Sewol. -Korea Herald/ANN
Incheon Port said Thursday that the Sewol had installed more cabins, touching off speculation that the added weight might have played a role in the tragic sinking. -Korea Herald/ANN
A number of online sellers are also offering paid Chinese language tutorials online. -China Daily/ANN
Vietnam is scrambling to contain a deadly outbreak of measles that has killed more than 100 people, mostly young children, and infected thousands more this year, the government said on Friday.
The captain and most of his 28 crew managed to escape the ferry, and have been criticised for abandoning the ship when so many were still trapped on board. -AFP
Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ died on the cross on Good Friday and rose from the dead two days later, on Easter Sunday. -Reuters
More than 48 hours after the ferry suddenly listed and capsized, exhausted dive teams - who waded through powerful currents - finally managed to access the interior. -AFP
Seven people died, including three children, when a boat carrying dozens of Christian worshippers celebrating Easter sank on Friday off eastern Indonesia, the police said. -AFP
An already bad situation has been further worsened by the families' distrust of briefings by government officials. -Korea Herald/ANN