Chooi had tendered his resignation before the accident but remained to complete tasks relating to loss of flight GE222. -AFP
Governor accepted "temporary" storage of nuclear waste from Japanese accident, paving way for end to years-long standoff. -AFP
Tour agencies say demand for travel to country picking up after political unrest. -ST
Last year, direct investment in India was about US$2 billion. -Reuters
The region is crucial to the automaker as it looks to lay the foundations for sustainable growth in the country. -China Daily/ANN
Protesters led by opposition leaders Imran Khan and Tahir ul-Qadri, have been on the streets for weeks trying to bring down the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.- Reuters
Army and paramilitary rangers cleared TV headquarters of protesters. -Reuters
Blue-chips such as Larsen & Toubr gained after better than expected quarterly economic growth data. -Reuters
US shares climbed ahead of a three-day weekend for Monday's US Labor Day holiday. -Reuters
North Korea deactivates the card when a visitor leaves, ensuring that it can not be left for use by a resident. -Reuters