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Thursday, Oct 9, 2014


Man walks 500km - in the wrong direction

The Star/ANN | Thursday, Oct 9, 2014

File Photo of a traveler.

A man in China took a wrong turn while trying to walk to his hometown some 835km away and ended up going about 500km in the wrong direction.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the 50-year-old man was in Guangxi for the past few years but could not find a suitable job and had to scavenge for a living.

He then decided that he had had enough and started to walk back to his hometown of Guizhou. He didn't even have money for public transport.

He followed a highway but made a wrong turn which took him in the opposite direction.

A policeman found him, struggling with a huge backpack, two weeks later heading east when he should have been heading west.

The man was taken to a shelter and later given transportation to his hometown.

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