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Thursday, Jul 3, 2014


North Jakarta short of 1,100 firemen

The Jakarta Post/ANN | Thursday, Jul 3, 2014

From January to June 2014, 68 fires broke out in the municipality, causing Rp 17.3 billion (S$326.262 million) in material losses for hundreds of residents.

The head of operational affairs at the North Jakarta Fire and Natural Disaster Agency, Muchtar Zakaria, said on Wednesday that the agency had only 70 fire trucks and 400 firefighters, while the ideal number of firefighters was 1,500.

"The agency faces difficulties in putting out fires, especially in slums, because of personnel shortages," he said as quoted by beritajakarta.com.

He said the city administration should recruit and train more firemen in the immediate future due to the onset of the dry season, when fires were apt to break out.

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