The children of these families have now been targeted by human-trafficking networks. -TNP
She confesses after employer repeatedly questions her. -TNP
Gold Apple watches retail for US$10,000 (S$13,485) to US$17,000 each, depending on specifications. -ST
The long-standing issue of Rohingya refugees and boat people can only be fixed when the problem in Myanmar is resolved. -The Star/ANN
These lions have hung on to a fragile existence after hunters nearly drove them to extinction more than a century ago. -Nikkei Asian Review
The irregularity triggered a hubbub among the previously silent audience. -Nikkei Asian Review
Cho Hyun-Ah, who had been in jail since her arrest in December, walked free last week after an appeals court overturned her conviction for violating aviation safety laws. -AFP
A payment of US$1.2 million to official Costas Takkas had been reportedly wired to an unspecified bank account at HSBC in Hong Kong. -AFP
Called the "Free Wi-Fi Passport," users can register to the service, supported in English, Chinese and Korean. -WSJ
In the video, she was seen kicking, screaming and resisting security personnel as they try to pull her away from the plane door. -Stomp