There are at least 600 island owners in China, mostly corporations planning tourism or fishing development, but also individuals who build private clubhouses to entertain friends and officials. -AFP
Those seeking to spend their time relaxing and de-stressing away from crowded tourist traps might want to consider selecting the most suitable accommodation in the city. -Jakarta Post/ANN
The daily flight will take around nine and a half hours and will be served by a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Private hospital operators in India are all but rolling out a red carpet to lure affluent locals and tourists to seek medical treatment at their luxe facilities. -Reuters
Berlin insists that the G-7 is not the correct forum for the Greek dossier, not least because Athens is not represented. -AFP
Aung San Suu Kyi was once an unassailable champion of Myanmar's powerless. -AFP
According to the MHW's report, health officials concluded that the virus' community-acquired infection risk is still relatively low. -China Post/ANN
Initial investigation indicated that the link between the bungee cord and the cuffs around the tourist's ankles broke apart during the jump. -The Nation/ANN
He was handed the heaviest punishment possible because of the harm caused to the children. -AFP
The Korea Teachers and Education Workers Union has been engaged in a grueling battle with the government over its legal status since October 2013. -Korea Herald/ANN