A Chinese medical student died while making a sperm donation. -TNP
Countries need to act now and move as one to tackle congestion: Expert. -ST
Thailand's prime minister said that the country was not always safe for foreign tourists, after the murder of two British tourists on Koh Tao island. -Reuters
Indonesia's president-elect Joko Widodo has been criticized for failing to form the politically impartial Cabinet he promised after awarding 16 positions to party members. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Angry Pakistani airline passengers forced two lawmakers off a plane for delaying its departure by almost two hours. -AFP
It denied claims published by a British newspaper that employees diagnosed with leukemia had been exposed to the toxic chemical benzene. -China Daily/ANN
Police in Thailand ruled out three Myanmar workers in connection with the murder of two British tourists, who were found naked and beaten to death on Sept 15. -AFP
Typhoon Kalmaegi slammed into the east coast of Hainan island in southern China, grounding flights and forcing thousands to leave home. -AFP
China's ambassador to Britain branded its last colonial governor to Hong Kong a hypocrite after recent criticism of a lack of democracy in the global financial hub. -Reuters
Indonesian lawmakers have approved an ASEAN pact to monitor and tackle haze pollution, becoming the last country in the grouping to do so. -Reuters.