Moakala, another Yemeni city, was also being considered as a possible route for evacuation. -Dawn/ANN
Helped by great weather in the morning, about half of the flowers of the park's 800 cherry trees are now blooming. -Japan News/ANN
A total of 12 people have been charged under Section 18 in Taungoo since last September. -Eleven Media/ANN
Earlier this month, the US inspected and gave codes to two lychee cultivation areas totalling 20 hectares in Hai Duong. -VNN/ANN
Rangers now have to catch it and take it somewhere else. -VNN/ANN
The landslide was triggered by incessant heavy rains on Saturday. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Over a dozen debt-laden farmers have committed suicide in recent weeks in India. -Reuters
Taiwan has to be registered as Chinese Taipei in many international organisations. -China Post/ANN
Yingluck said she had to defend herself and her administration in order to prevent a wider misunderstanding.-The Nation/ANN
Borwornsak says poll shows support from 70 per cent of public; urges people not to be paranoid about an unelected PM. -The Nation/ANN