Engineers "are working to fix the outage" which hit all areas linked to the national electricity grid, after a transmission line failed, the government said. -AFP
An increasing number of the city's poorest have been allowed to live among the dead in the Manila North Cemetery. -PDI/ANN
Arsyad allegedly posted the pornographic picture on his Facebook at the time when Jokowi was still campaigning for the presidential election. -Jakarta post/ANN
Police arranged for the DNA test by medical teams - in front of the media - so as to boost public confidence in the police handling of the case. -The nation/ANN
The new law is aimed at tightening state security and helping build a "comprehensive" national security system, state media reported. -Reuters
The North Korean leader ordered changes to the design of Pyongyang's new international airport to reflect the country's socialist ideology. -AFP
Tokyo metropolitan government closed the northern part of the park after detecting the dengue virus in mosquitoes. -Japan news/ANN
Jang, a range of sauces or pastes made from fermented soybeans, is an important part of what makes Korean food unique. -Korean Herald/ANN
If any meat product is found to be mislabeled, local health departments will demand that the sellers correct the mistakes immediately. -China post/ANN
Two passenger buses collided in central Nepal in the early hours of Saturday, killing at least 10 people, including a Russian woman. -AFP