It takes more than stamina to conquer a 105km cycling trip overseas, as Sheryl Quek discovers. -ST
The scenic Kyoto-Arashiyama Randen tram line has a special service, the Yokai Densha, or Haunted Train - only in summer. -ST
Chinese people have been clacking mahjong tiles for more than a century. -TNP
The North Korean leader has continued with his public appearances following a 40-day absence from the public eye. -AsiaOne
In the past, the totalitarian regime had refused to discuss rights issue, but in recent weeks has held rare UN briefings, ostensibly in a bid to growing global criticism. -AFP
The protesters have blocked key intersections for a month in their demand for fully-democratic elections for the city's next chief executive in 2017. -Reuters
Mark Simon, the right-hand man of pro-democracy newspaper magnate Jimmy Lai, has moved his family out of Hong Kong for safety and has been pressed to deny that he is a US spy. -Reuters
Photos circulating on social media show a smiling replica of Xi sporting a yellow ribbon on his lapel late Wednesday at Hong Kong's branch of the popular wax museum.-AFP
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered bureaucrats to forgo the luxury of flying first class and start paying for their spouses' air tickets. -Reuters
Communist power is a "fundamental requirement" to ensure the rule of law in China, a party official said Thursday, days after a meeting of the organisation's top leaders in Beijing. -...