Photo exhibition documenting survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami shows how they have forged a new life after the tragedy. -TNP
Motorcycles were banned from a main thoroughfare in Jakarta yesterday, as part of a month-long pilot scheme to ease traffic gridlock in the capital city of about 10 million people. -ST
Forced conversion of Muslims is latest hot-button issue. -ST
Reality lags behind policy as countries grapple with differences in development. -ST
Time for country to tackle 'mainstream extremism' at its roots. -ST
According to reports, Taiwanese starlet Johanne Liou, who was recently exposed in a cash-for-sex scandal, admitted that the temptation of $4,182 was too great for her to turn down. -Lollipop
Mr Ona had authorised the purchase of 833 million pesos (S$24 million) worth of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV)-10, vaccines used for the immunisation of children against pneumonia. -Reuters
But in the spirit of Hong Kong's Occupy movement, hundreds of pro-democracy protesters are planning a march Saturday from Macau's historic city centre. -AFP
This will ease pressure on a military government struggling to shift a giant stockpile amassed under the former premier's controversial buying scheme. -Reuters
The first hangings of militant prisoners on death row are expected in the coming days. -AFP