They fail to declare details of donations from abroad. -AFP
ASEAN said China's reclamation work had "eroded trust and confidence and may undermine peace, security and stability in the South China Sea". -Reuters
Family members made final visit amid chaotic scenes as eight foreigners faced execution for drugs crimes. -Reuters
Prisoners are executed by firing squad, recruited from a special unit of the national police. -Reuters
India and China both promised rescuers, sniffer dogs, tents and food within hours, winning praise from stranded Nepalis. -Reuters
Ferry captain Lee Joon-seok was sentenced to life in prison. -Reuters
AFP's South Asia photo chief, and Kathmandu bureau chief had just reached Everest base camp when an avalanche thundered down the mountain. -AFP
Boat rides and paraglides for tourists continue at Pokhara, an hour from Nepal quake epicentre. -AFP
Up to eight million people have had their lives disrupted after a deadly earthquake shook Nepal, said the United Nations. -Reuters
Death toll of devastating earthquake has passed 4,300 while more than 7,000 were found injured. -Reuters