Ruling junta ordered rights talk at foreign journalists' club be shut down. -Reuters
Wealthy heir Justin Lee was sentenced to 79 years and 7 months in jail for raping and videotaping a number of models and starlets. -AsiaOne
President Ma called on Chinese and Hong Kong authorities to hold dialogues with pro-democracy advocates. -AFP
Early trends suggest his government's pro-business policy will hurt the environment and the poor. -Reuters
Pro-democracy group admitted they were powerless to change China's plan to vet candidates for the city's next leader. -AFP
The two celebrities - Saaya, 20, and Eri Aoki, 25 - were sent to Yoyogi Park for a variety show on which they appear. -AFP
IMF saved Pakistan from possible default last September by agreeing to lend US$6.6 billion over three years, conditional on reforms. -Reuters
Large parts of Mumbai hit due to technical issues. -Reuters
Pictures of painfully thin tigress Melani had sparked calls for action to be taken against Surabaya zoo. -AFP
Moro Islamic Liberation Front signed pact with government in March aimed at ending more than four decades of bloodshed. -AFP