Authorities worry that the stations may disrupt communications between passenger jets and air traffic controllers. -ST
Informal meeting on Apec sidelines may tackle economy, N. Korea nukes. -ST
After the new crop of MPs are sworn in on Oct 1, the four parties backing Mr Joko, commonly called Jokowi, will have only 37 per cent of the seats in Parliament. -ST
Beijing authorities have busted a kidney trafficking ring whose members included doctors, in what is said to be the country's largest such case. -TNP
Now in the final two months of his decade-long presidency, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has taken to the role of the wise elder statesman like a lame duck to water. -ST
A chef killed an Indochinese spitting cobra to make a rare delicacy in Guangdong but the snake exacted its revenge 20 minutes later, when its decapitated head bit the man as he was disposing it into...
In the ceremony organised by former Japanese military officers, some 220 people prayed before a cenotaph. - AFP
Chinese authorities are investigating the president of Hong Kong blue-chip stock China Resources Power, the company said, as a corruption probe into its state-owned parent expands. -AFP
The woman told an Indian broadcaster that she battled with the leopard for half an hour on Sunday before finally delivering a killer blow with her sickle. -AFP
Premier Narendra Modi has put a pledge to give bank accounts to all Indians on a war footing. -AFP