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Tuesday, Jun 3, 2014


Plane missing since 1958 confirmed crashed

The Star/ANN | Tuesday, Jun 3, 2014

A Taiwan passenger plane, which went missing more than half a century ago, has been confirmed crashed following the recovery of its propeller recently, major Chinese dailies reported.

The PBY-5A amphibious plane -also known as the "Blue Swan" - belonged to TransAsia Airways.

Carrying seven army officers and four crew members, the cross-strait flight from Matsu Island in the Taiwan Straits to Taiwan Island went missing on Oct 1, 1958. It departed from Matsu airport at 5.45pm.

"Altitude 1,000-feet, 80-mile from Taipei", was the last message it sent to the control tower before the plane disappeared from the radar. A search team comprising the navy and air force units from the United States and Taiwan had failed to locate the plane.

The disappearance of the flight remained mysterious until several months ago when a fishing boat trawled up its propeller.

The cause of the crash however is still unknown.

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