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Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014


Police shoot at cows on North Jakarta tollroad

The Jakarta Post/ANN | Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014

The police opened fire at a number of cows on a busy tollroad in North Jakarta, after the trucks transporting the cows overturned on Monday.

The traffic police shot at the cows to prevent them from disturbing the busy Cakung -Cilincing tollroad.

"The cows were jeopardizing the safety of motorists," traffic patrol unit head Adj. Sr. Comr. Jazari said as quoted by tempo.co.

He added the cows were shot at to warn them away and allow tollroad workers to evacuate them to a safe area off the tollroad.

A motorist who witnessed the incident said the cows were shot at after they disturbed traffic on the tollroad.

"Several cows were standing calmly on the road while several others were running to get off it," said Wisnu, another motorist.

He said many drivers stopped their vehicles because they feared the cows would make sudden movements and cause an accident.

The truck transporting the cows overturned after it was hit from behind by another truck.

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