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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Restaurant manager swallows condom 'found' in dish

The Star/ANN | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HEFEI, China - A restaurant manager swallowed a condom after some customers allegedly discovered it in a dish at a restaurant in Hefei, China, China Press reported.

A customer known only as Liang said she found the condom with the baked fish after eating the dish for 30 minutes with two of her friends on May 9.

One of Liang's friends suffered stomachache and vomited but Liang claimed the restaurant refused to call for an ambulance.

The manager claimed that the customers asked her to swallow the condom to settle the issue or the restaurant had to compensate them. However, Liang and her friends insisted that they did not ask the manager to swallow the condom.

A worker of the restaurant said in theory, any condom would have melted as the dish was baked at high temperatures, but the customers insisted that the condom was there when the dish was served. Apparently, Liang and her friends asked for 100,000 yuan (S$19,300) as compensation.


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