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Saturday, Jun 28, 2014


Sex-for-flight charges vs Philippine labour attache pushed

Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN | Saturday, Jun 28, 2014

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Justice has recommended the filing of criminal charges against a labour attache and the driver of another labour attache based in Saudi Arabia for their alleged involvement in the "sex-for-flight'' scandal.

The DOJ did not name the two men to be charged with "abuses against chastity and acts of lasciviousness" based on the complaint of four female overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). It also did not identify the four women complainants.

The labour attache will be charged with two counts of abuses of chastity based on the complaint of one of the four female OFWs, a maid who sought the help of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (Polo) after she was raped by her employer.

The DOJ said this was because the labour attache had made an indecent proposal to the woman when the former asked if he could touch her private parts while they were on their way to the labour centre on Feb. 5 last year.

It also found merit in the claims of the woman that the labour attache had made offensive telephone calls to her based on the fact that he had earlier made an indecent proposal to her and that this was in relation to her repatriation to the Philippines.

The charge of abuses against chastity was recommended in the case of the labour attache as it involves an offence where "public officer who shall solicit or make immoral or indecent advances to a woman interested in matters pending before such officer for decision, or with respect to which he is required to submit a report or consult with a superior officer."

But the DOJ dismissed the complaint of two other OFWs against the same labour attache. One complainant failed to appear during the preliminary investigation, so her complaint was dismissed with prejudice. The complaint of the other woman was dismissed for lack of probable cause.

Meanwhile, the filing of charges for acts of lasciviousness was recommended against the driver of another labour attache based on the complaint of a Filipino domestic helper who had taken refuge at the Polo office, working as a janitor there.

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