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Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017

Asia, News

Thai stewardess allegedly photoshopped herself into dream vacations

AsiaOne | Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017

A photo of the air hostess in a winter place illuminated by displays of northern lights in the sky. Real or fake?

Photo: Instagram

They are the stuff of dream vacations that would inspire holiday planners or turn others green with envy.

An attractive Thai woman, who works as an Emirates flight stewardess cultivated a massive following after posting glamorous Instagram shots of herself in spectacular locations around the world.

Only known as "Ticha Louktarn", the social media star amassed over 150,000 followers on her account, @ticha_ek, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

But as the adage goes: If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.

And that's why netizens took to social media to point out that many of her travel photos were stolen from other photographers with her own image edited into them.

The original photo is on the right. How did she get in there?

on Facebook

ไอสัส ใครส่งเรื่องไป petapixel วะ

Posted by Niphon Saengpueng on Monday, 2 January 2017

Without warning, she deleted the questionable photos from her Instagram account before deleting the entire account last month (December), reported PetaPixel.

Some alleged that some photos were taken from elsewhere and manipulated with Photoshop, such as the one with a view of the northern lights in Canada. She was also accused of using such photos to boost her popularity on Instagram.

This is the original photo of the northern lights, points out the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok.

Tickled by the funny side of the issue, some mocked her by inserting their images into their own dream destinations.

Then there was also the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok which decided to have a little fun with the expose in a Facebook post which read: "Northern lights in Finland are so beautiful that many people wish they would experience them."

on Facebook

Northern lights in Finland are so beautiful that many people wish they could experience them... 😉 (Original photo by Tiina Törmänen Photography https://goo.gl/4EZkuM)

Posted by Embassy of Finland in Bangkok on Monday, 12 December 2016
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