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Sunday, Feb 2, 2014


Thailand elections: 'No-vote' marks seen high at several polling stations

The Nation/ANN | Sunday, Feb 2, 2014

Update: As ballot counting was reported on TVs, the "no-vote" marks were seen rising at many polling stations in Bangkok at 3:40 pm.

Voting ends, ballot counting starts

The voting in the controversial election ended as scheduled at 3 pm and ballot counting began at polling stations immediately.

After the counting at each station was done, the results will be sent to the EC for keeping and the results will not be announced until after the EC has re-organized elections for advance voting and for blocked polling stations.

Voting done at 89.2 per cent of voting stations nationwide: EC

The Election Commission announced that voting has been held at 89.2 per cent of polling stations nationwide.

EC Chairman Supachai Phucharoen announced that voting have been done at 83,813 out of 93,532 stations.

He said voting were cancelled in all constituencies of nine provinces. In nine other provinces saw voting cancelled in some polling stations, he added.

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