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Sunday, Jun 22, 2014


Toranomon: A new star is born

The Japan News/ANN | Sunday, Jun 22, 2014

Toranomon, the mascot for the Toranomon Hills skyscraper that opened last week in Minato Ward, Tokyo, has, like the new landmark building, become an instant hit after its debut.

On the 52-story building's opening day on June 11, a 140-centimeter-tall statue of the character attracted the attention of many visitors. Many people, from families to young women, took souvenir photos with the Toranomon statue.

The character is a joint production of Mori Building Co., the main developer of Toranomon Hills, and Fujiko-Pro Co., creator of Doraemon, the catlike robot.

On first sight, Toranomon is very similar to the famous Doraemon. However, Toranomon, unlike Doraemon, is white, has ears and black stripes on its head, body and long tail, evoking the image of a tiger, or tora.

Toranomon is a cat-shaped business robot who comes from a world 100 years into the future and was manufactured at the same factory as Doraemon, according to Mori Building.

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