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Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014


Truck full of pangolins crashes

The Nation/ANN | Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014

A vehicle transporting 133 live pangolins, six carcasses and 100 sacks of pangolin scales, worth Bt12 million in total, overturned in Chumphon's Lang Suan district yesterday.

Pangolins are threatened by illegal trading for their "delicacy" meat and their scales that are believed to have medicinal qualities.

After the accident at 10am on Asia Highway 41, police found an Isuzu MU-7 SUV in a roadside ditch. Driver Anat Rakchai, 31, who was slightly injured, told police he was hired to drive from Phatthalung to the Northeast but he dozed off behind wheel, resulting in the crash.

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