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Thursday, Jun 19, 2014


Woman flushes cockroach down toilet, then 'BOOM'

Stomp | Thursday, Jun 19, 2014

When a woman in Taiwan tried to get rid of the cockroach she had just killed by dumping it in the bathroom, the last thing she expected was for the toilet bowl to explode.

According to online news reports, Xie had been sent to clean the office in Chungli, where she killed the pest with a whack of her slipper.

She wrapped the cockroach in tissue, set fire to the whole thing and tried to flush it down the toilet bowl.

However, the toilet had traces of two cleaning products - one containing acid and the other containing alkali - from when she was cleaning it earlier.

This combination produced gas, and it was ignited when the flaming insect was flushed down.

Fortunately, the blaze was extinguished quickly and no one was hurt (except the cockroach).

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