Climbers on the world's highest mountain pleaded for help on Saturday after a massive earthquake triggered an avalanche at Everest base camp. -AFP
Indonesia said it has officially notified eight foreign drug convicts that they will be executed. -AFP
Four different processions converged in central Seoul to protest at alleged government attempts to obstruct an independent investigation. -AFP
Frenchman Serge Atlaoui, who is also on death row but has a legal appeal outstanding, won a delay. -AFP
Chaotic scenes followed a drive-by visit by the city's number two official, Carrie Lam in residential district. -AFP
181 people have been killed in the capital Kathmandu. -Reuters
Sabeen Mahmud was shot after she hosted a talk on disappearances and killings in Baluchistan province. -Reuters
Avalanche triggered by Nepal earthquake buries part of Mount Everest base camp. -AFP, Reuters
Two Australian drug traffickers and a Filipino woman were on Saturday given official notification by Indonesia that they will be executed, but with no given date. -AFP