He had resigned from his part-time job in the company when he found out that his 29-year-old boss wanted a relationship with him. -The Star/ANN
They are a people with a culture, a history and a homeland, forced out of their abode by politics. -ST
The continuing lack of clarity on corporate tax has not only dented the government's image, but also exposed the gap between hype and reality. -ST
Indian PM makes big strides in foreign policy but has yet to deliver on promise to revive economy. -ST
With his melodic voice and chubby cheeks, you wouldn't think Shin Hyomyung is any older than 12 years old. -AsiaOne
Student becomes famous after photos of her working in family’s butcher stall get posted online. -TNP
The groom was on his way to fetch the bride, but because of traffic congestion, the couple, along with three pairs of best men and bridesmaids, took the subway train instead. -China Daily/ANN
The Chongqing Daily Group said all of its employees are welcomed to create start-ups in the fields of media convergence and the Internet. -China Daily/ANN
A CNN news crew onboard the US plane reported that the Chinese navy warned the plane to leave. -China Daily/ANN
The move came a day after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a five-year Asian infrastructure investment plan. -China Daily/ANN