Police have charged a second State Railway of Thailand employee over his alleged involvement in the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl on an overnight train to Bangkok. -The Nation/ANN
An Ikea store in Nanjing is considering slapping a ban on those who take a nap on the comfy furniture. -China Daily/ANN
The national weather agency said the typhoon packed gusts of up to 162kmh and could hit the southern main island of Kyushu today. -AFP
There are about 415 scooters for every 1,000 people in the city. -Stomp
China's ambassador to Britain warned yesterday of "chaos" in Hong Kong if pro-democracy campaigners go ahead with a plan to occupy the city centre. -TNP
National Council for Peace and Order will remain in place alongside the appointed government soon. -AFP
CCTV said the smartphone has ability to track and time-stamp user locations. -Reuters
Pakistani Taliban abandoned last key stronghold, leaving behind booby traps and explosives. -Reuters
Ryutaro Nonomura, who became an Internet sensation for crying like a toddler, quit because of a corruption scandal. -AFP
Rape was allegedly ordered by village leader to punish her brother who tried to molest a woman. -AFP