President Xi Jinping's pledge that China would use peaceful means to resolve territorial disputes had barely registered with rival claimants when news came that Beijing was building defence...
The ever-increasing number of animal abuse cases in Malaysia is a worrying sign that this is a problem we cannot ignore any longer. -The Star/ANN
Phil Hughes' accident reminds us of the dangers on the pitch. -tabla!
Campaign now under way to save the jobs of security guards fired by Korean apartment complex. -Korea Herald/ANN
Restructuring pains at home and tepid growth across the globe have left very little breathing room for the Singapore economy this year. -ST
It is unusual for Bangkok dwellers to be docile under military rule but perhaps turbulence lies ahead. -ST
Not only was it the fourth such case in four years but it also involved trains that were parked in highly protected depots. -ST
The new Sustainable Singapore Blueprint has made it a priority for Singapore to have fewer cars on the road for a more liveable environment. Will it work? -ST
Sharing laughter bonds people together, strengthens existing social ties and patches over frayed relationships. -Japan News/ANN
80 per cent of China's rich have plans to send their children abroad for studies, the highest percentage in the world. -China Daily/ANN