I have never run a full marathon. -TNP
It seems that some foreigners get a bit ticked off when you turn the assassination of their most senior leader into a joke. Who knew? -ST
Every so often, overzealous property developers try to convince you that certain far-flung, sometimes unheard of, places are actually new red-hot destinations investors would be foolish to miss out...
Younger people worry if the state pension fund will be strained as the population ages, obliging their generation to pay higher taxes and perhaps get lower payouts upon retirement. -ST
Two writers offer their views on what needs to change for Singapore, 50 years after independence. -ST
It is well known that while a provident fund system is fiscally sustainable, it does not address certain risks faced by members. -ST
Taiwan has one of the world's most democratic and noisy media scenes, yet its government officials seldom appear on such shows. -China Post/ANN
This is a response from High Commissioner to Australia Burhan Gafoor to an article by the former assistant secretary-general of the Barisan Sosialis party, Dr Poh Soo Kai. -ST
Zhou's trial will mostly likely avoid mentioning the real reason for his ouster, which is his alleged collusion with Bo to unseat President Xi Jinping. -ST
Reliance on oil is outdated and subsidies miss their target, amid abundance of coal. -ST