Videos of people pouring a bucket full of ice-cold water over their heads and then calling out and tagging their friends to do the same. -China Post/ANN
To reduce unemployment in United States, the government spent more than $995.2b. -ST
Since the end of the cold war, Russia is now being embroiled in the biggest confrontation with the West to further alienate its neighbours. -ST
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on the 50 pioneer generation guests he had invited, plus all the other pioneers in the audience, to stand. -ST
Today's generation needs to build on our pioneers' achievements to take Singapore to greater heights. -ST
Those who watched Channel 8 in the last few weeks may be aware of an elephant in the room. -MyPaper
Working with people you like is, to me, as important as liking the work you do. -ST
When I read earlier this month that Sunny Bookshop would shut its doors on Wednesday, my first reaction was one of panic. -ST
After every National Day Parade (NDP), I am always overcome with pride for my adopted country. -TNP
Hong Kong has been torn apart by this political impasse in recent months. -ST