The disputes in the South China Sea are complex, involving six parties each with differing claims. -ST
Push highlights its increasingly global security perspective. -ST
This is an excerpt from an introduction to a new volume of speeches titled George Yeo On Bonsai, Banyan And The Tao. -ST
In canceling Ban's visit, Pyongyang lost far more than whatever it may have sought to gain by changing its mind. -Korea Herald/ANN
Turbo-charging the country’s economy through economic nationalism would be a good place to start. -Jakarta Post/ANN
The Rohingya, Myanmar claims, are not an indigenous people of Myanmar, but Bengali Muslims who migrated from neighbouring Bangladesh . -PDI/ANN
Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong urged Asian countries to overcome a trust-deficit bequeathed by history, to focus on achieving a common vision. -ST
New discoveries and innovations have disrupted markets by creating novel products and services, upending the linear trajectory of events. -ST
How to fix a glaring weakness in Thai democracy. -The Nation/ANN
China is undertaking large-scale reclamation works to turn small disputed reefs into large artificial islands. -ST