China's President Xi Jinping visits India today, the last leg of a three-nation tour of South Asia. -ST
Can America maintain its rebalancing to Asia when old conflicts in the Middle East and Europe erupt? -ST
A study of cities’ competitiveness highlights four areas of reform: building institutions, business regulation, and building hard and soft connectivities. -ST
Singaporeans enrolling in overseas law schools raises larger issues beyond the economic realities of finding jobs. -ST
A preoccupaation with a formal qualification for its own sake has evoked fresh concern of late. -ST
While Americans support Obama's campaign of airstrikes against Islamic State militants, they have a low appetite for a long campaign against the group. -AFP
Life in Beijing, 80 per cent of the time, is a wonderful, unfettered experience of what it's like to always choose private gain over collective benefit.
In a recent Utusan interview, Dr Maha­thir repeated his criticism on Malays but his remarks were regarded as in line with what he has consistently brought up. -The Star/ANN
Business sentiment bullish for now but future may be less lustrous. -ST
A near-death experience brought home to me how the end can literally be just around the corner. -ST