The New Paper's readers seem to be ganging up on me in the last few weeks in a rather pleasant, but slightly unnerving, stalking kind of way. -TNP
Neighbours need to invest time and effort to know each other better besides exchanging rudimentary pleasantries. -ST
There are still people in this cynical world who want to do what is right, even if it does not profit them personally. -ST
Conscious of the criticism and chaos caused by the media, the Journalists Association of Korea on Sunday released a set of guidelines for journalists to follow. -Korea Herald/ANN
The misnaming of an Indonesian frigate may have had lasting and deep damage to ties between Indonesia and Singapore. -ST
US foreign military sales to Indonesia have rocketed to US$1.5 billion. -ST
Most Singaporeans would like to think the Republic would be no less welcoming to Filipinos. -ST
The extraordinary lack of summit meetings between Park and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues. -Japan News/ANN
Japan's social security system today threatens to undermine Japan's social and economic vigour. -Japan News/ANN
Japan should address grievances of victims. -Korea Herald/ANN