Cook's announcement would not, in any way, have a negative effect on the company, the brand or its products. -The nation/ANN
Without early official reports about the incident in Penampang Baru, jittery residents turned to conspiracy theories. -The star/ANN
Like most animal lovers, seeing the carcass of the helpless Ling Ling got my blood boiling. -TNP
There are doubts about whether employers will be able to change their mindsets about non-degree holders. -ST
I thought of the two girls recently, when I reported on how literature teachers in neighbourhood schools are using Singaporean works to get the students to enjoy literature. -ST
I thought about my experience, when I read about more secondary school teachers in Singapore using local works so that the subject of literature is less intimidating for students. -ST
All continent has achieved is a partial fixing of its dysfunctional system. -ST
The US is making a strategic error in opposing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which is gaining momentum and giving China increasing leverage in the region. -ST
The social network's co-founder conducted a question-and-answer session with students at Beijing entirely in Mandarin. -Reuters
In the end, Mr Joko was forced to give ground on several fronts. -ST