Today, I am down to sizes 10 or 12. I still love myself but hate how people seem to see me. -ST
They made a resurgence with their well-financed machinery to reverse the Regional Elections Law, followed by a legislative coup. -The Jakarta Post/ANN
My husband and I have never stopped debating over the differences between men and women. -ST
Ideals are trouble because they spring from beliefs. -ST
Power can no longer be preserved through distance as IT effect changes relationships. -ST
As the uber-predator, our fingers are always on the trigger against other species. -ST
When a bunch of healthy, well-adjusted adult males gather to belt out a floppy-headed boyband's cheesy song with gusto, there can only be one reason for it. -ST
Humans are prone to "it could have been better" or "if only" thinking. Such counterfactual thinking has implications on personal and political life. -ST
ISIS' sense of comradeship may appear attractive to its followers but the terror group is also known for beheading civilians. -TNP
The stars of the show have been the Hong Kong youth, who are generally nice people. -TNP