The threat has heightened with the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Syria. -ST
In fact, instilling a sense of responsibility in the kids helps better. -ST
Allow the credits to be used to buy tickets to watch S-League and SEA Games matches, says Loh Keng Fatt. -ST
Maids have increasingly become Indonesia's best-known global export "commodity," but no one seems to have any serious intention of stopping the embarrassing practice. -Jakarta Post/ANN
We have as strong a chance as any country, after the departure of a giant from the political scene, of continuing well into the future. -ST
Singapore is soaked in nostalgia this Golden Jubilee year. But once it's over, let's move on and focus on the present. -ST
Across the world, small advanced economies are in the vanguard of dealing with the latest macroeconomic challenge of falling inflation. -ST
But for the breakthrough surgery to happen, he needs someone to donate a whole body. -ST
1967 was a pivotal year, when the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed. -The Star/ANN
The answer may well depend on how America acts now, when it is still the world's sole superpower. -ST