There are polarised responses to his ideas and the political implications of the outpouring of grief for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. -ST
The "V" word turned many seniors off for various reasons. -ST
Two men, one vision: Henry Kissinger and Lee Kuan Yew both grew up in brutal regimes and brought a sense of vulnerability to their adult geopolitical analysis. -ST
Now may be the perfect time to find out why their numbers are down and how to keep them low. -ST
Strangers are curious, but her ethnicity is irrelevant as long as she grows up to be herself. -ST
The creation of knowledge is a sporadic and chaotic process and a significant part of this process may not have direct policy relevance. -ST
Taiwan's status has been a highly sensitive issue between Washington and Beijing. -ST
The two leaders did not go so far as to confirm that the United States would take Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. -Japan News/ANN
The three nations have agreed to join hands because they shared the wish to spur economic growth by using tourism as leverage. -Japan News/ANN
Apart from the contentious use of the term "half-price tuition," there is also no guarantee that colleges would continue to refrain from raising tuition fees. -Korea Herald/ANN