The social network's co-founder conducted a question-and-answer session with students at Beijing entirely in Mandarin. -Reuters
In the end, Mr Joko was forced to give ground on several fronts. -ST
Real estate retains a capacity to cause an unwelcome wobble in the economy. -ST
Five-month-old daughter is an alien - a resident alien, that is. -ST
Fighting organised mayhem fuelled by a distortion of religion is an unending mission. -ST
Although they have important uses for military purposes, the increased use of UAVs raises serious security questions. -ST
When I say "Queen", I don't mean Kumar. I mean Queen Elizabeth II of England. -TNP
There's a negative narrative taking shape and someone's got to rewrite the script. -ST
Anecdotal evidence suggests that much might have gone wrong after their instant wedding. -ST
Her appointment as Indonesia's first female foreign minister is a proud achievement in empowerment and progress for the country. -Jakarta Post/ANN