They made a resurgence with their well-financed machinery to reverse the Regional Elections Law, followed by a legislative coup. -The Jakarta Post/ANN
As the uber-predator, our fingers are always on the trigger against other species. -ST
Power can no longer be preserved through distance as IT effect changes relationships. -ST
Ideals are trouble because they spring from beliefs. -ST
My husband and I have never stopped debating over the differences between men and women. -ST
When a bunch of healthy, well-adjusted adult males gather to belt out a floppy-headed boyband's cheesy song with gusto, there can only be one reason for it. -ST
Humans are prone to "it could have been better" or "if only" thinking. Such counterfactual thinking has implications on personal and political life. -ST
ISIS' sense of comradeship may appear attractive to its followers but the terror group is also known for beheading civilians. -TNP
The stars of the show have been the Hong Kong youth, who are generally nice people. -TNP
It is tough to be criticised by the awesome Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is holding up to the attacks and his standing in Umno is unshaken. -The Star/ANN