Protests are part of democratic dialogue. Protests may be legal but not legitimate. So when are disruptive protests warranted?. -ST
Five months after the military coup in Thailand, generals face pressure to deliver on reform promises. -ST
Mr Joko's remarks since the election have marked him as a down-to-earth leader, free of political waffle. -ST
Forming strategic alliances with other carriers offers the best way forward for SIA. -ST
Activists from both the pro-GM and anti-GM camps should substantiate claims with facts to convincingly argue the benefits and downsides of consuming GM food. -China Daily/ANN
Some 15,100 degree holders were underemployed last year, up from 13,000 in 2012. -ST
A couple of weeks ago, a disturbing incident occurred at one of New Delhi's busiest metro stations. -BT
What a delight to see Singapore referenced by Haruki Murakami, Paul Theroux, David Mitchell and even Captain Sparrow. -ST
There is nothing abstract about him and he believes in what he says. -ST
I can call myself a "pink fat lady" but you may not. Just shut up and hand over the pizza. -ST