Come discover the joys of abstinence like I have, with a Shirley Temple. -TNP
Is gold medal worship the root cause of corruption in the field of competitive sports or the other way round? -China Daily/ANN
Blind worship of gold medals for the rewards they bring has distorted sportsmanship and will do so further. -China Daily/ANN
Prepping to move back to Singapore from Beijing last week, I felt like my life was moving in cycles. -ST
Individuals must decide whether to embrace those who are different or base their identity opposing to those who do not share their beliefs. -ST
It seemed like a good idea to take my parents out on the lake until the canoe capsized. -ST
More private centres can keep frail, elderly people active and engaged while their caregivers are at work. -ST
We don't need to be ashamed to ask this question because no society is perfect and all have their own demons. -ST
As Tokyo rushes to respond to the taking of two Japanese hostages, it also needs to take a broader look at ways to protect its security and national interests. -Nikkei Asian Review
From "overfussiness" and complacency to an inability to accept criticism, many things about Singaporeans' attitudes to work irk Mr Victor Mills. -ST