Country may yet attain the new golden era that he wished for young Singaporeans. -ST
I boarded a flight from Miami to Los Angeles earlier this year and was heading to Australia, so I was settling in for a very long trip. -ST
Singapore is for many of us the mirror of our aspirations as a people, a living example of the country we could have been, or could still be-if we had the right leaders. -PDI/ANN
Some of my Western friends have sometimes self-righteously proclaimed that they could never live under the "stifling and draconian" laws that we have. -AsiaOne
Johor Bharu people, particularly the Chinese, still have affection for Singapore and adore Lee. -Sin Chew/ANN
In the death of Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore, the world has lost a man whose legacy will last the longest course that history may set. -The Statesman/ANN
ASEAN integration and community building should remain ongoing long-term aspirations that may or may not be fulfilled in the decades to come. -ST
Multiracialism, meritocracy, good governance, zero tolerance for corruption, a belief in education, hard work, discipline and self-reliance. -ST
This was a man who transformed Singapore from a Third World to a First World country. -The Star/ANN
In Japan angry residents have sued childcare centres to keep the level of children’s noise down in the day. -ST