US foreign military sales to Indonesia have rocketed to US$1.5 billion. -ST
Most Singaporeans would like to think the Republic would be no less welcoming to Filipinos. -ST
The extraordinary lack of summit meetings between Park and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues. -Japan News/ANN
Japan's social security system today threatens to undermine Japan's social and economic vigour. -Japan News/ANN
Japan should address grievances of victims. -Korea Herald/ANN
Lack of safety awareness is main culprit. -Korea Herald/ANN
High-speed railways worldwide are fraught with challenges, so Singapore and Malaysia must have the political will to turn plans into reality. -ST
Some Chinese netizens' insensitive "none of my business" attitude is a shame and deserves to be condemned. -China Daily/ANN
Intellectual property rights education and improving consumer access to rights holders' digital content, must work in tandem with site-blocking injunctions to tackle the problem. -ST
The Star writer remembers Karpal Singh. -The Star/ANN