China has been making constant efforts to help resolve the DPRK nuclear issue through peaceful means. -China Daily/ANN
State housing provision, it is assumed, has provided an effective buffer that keeps displacement of "traditional" businesses at bay. -ST
What we are seeing is a highly charged contest about rewriting history to understand our present and prospects for the future. -ST
Having led the organisation in 1977 and 1997, Malaysia will have its work cut out to shepherd ASEAN towards the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). -ST
But the world will probably get along fine without Singapore as a sovereign and independent country. -ST
Descriptions that invite serious misunderstandings must not be allowed in textbooks used by students. -Japan News/ANN
Bad publicity hurts. -China Daily/ANN
The first country in Asia to link globalisation to maritime power was Japan. Now, China and India have awakened to that fact. How will Tokyo respond? -ST
Urbanisation comes with risks that can prolong impoverishment and lack of opportunity instead of improving future prospects. -ST
There is a pressing need for measures aimed at helping young people find suitable jobs and to motivate them to work hard. -Japan News/ANN