Indeed, an over-reliance on others is leading to dirtier habits, with the number of litter items collected nearly doubling. -ST
His success in transforming Singapore is frequently invoked by authoritarian rulers as justification for their tight control of society . -ST
Today's Cambridge is not the Cambridge of the 1940s, apart from the colleges. -ST
A Singapore pickup artist shares his viewpoint on the matter. -Vulcan Post
Newspapers should not be the mouthpiece of political parties just because they have the same political views. -The Star/ANN
Hawker centres will receive a boost as a social institution from the Government's decision to build 10 new centres by 2027. -ST
Over time, both distant, disapproving figures turned into real beings I could relate to. -ST
Even in his final years, he tackled controversial subjects such as family planning, immigration and population growth. -ST
Country may yet attain the new golden era that he wished for young Singaporeans. -ST
I boarded a flight from Miami to Los Angeles earlier this year and was heading to Australia, so I was settling in for a very long trip. -ST