MDA showed its capacity to agree to disagree instead of viewing the State-arts relationship as a zero- sum game. -ST
Annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula testing alliance but also giving it fresh impetus. -ST
Nurses are sometimes shouted at and treated like servants, but they are our unsung heroes deserving of every respect for their dedication to service. -ST
The NPCSC passed a resolution regarding the method of selecting the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2017 and forming the Legislative Council in 2016. -China Daily/ANN
Rodgers has re-established the principle of team-first at Liverpool in less than 100 games in charge. -ST
This year’s Singapore Graciousness Index found that 81 per cent believed targeting youth was the best way to instill kindness and courtesy in society. -ST
Rohit Brijnath takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raises funds to fight the degenerative condition ALS. -ST
The two golds that 15-year-old sailors Bernie Chin and Samantha Yom won at the Youth Olympic Games are testimony to the ability of a city-state to produce winners on a world scale. -ST
A report concludes that sitting distorts the spine and crushes the internal organs, causing death. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Founder of Honour (Singapore) takes the MRT to his GIC office and does not get his secretary to run personal errands for him. -ST