Investor sentiment improves, boosted by surprise QE measures in Europe. -ST
"A national strategy would also promote more alignment across the sectors, whether public, private, government-linked companies, SMEs, and policymakers," the ASME said. -ST
Demand for resting places, premium packages growing as population ages. -ST
Short-term home rental, or "peer-to-peer property rental", is just one aspect of the sharing economy, based on the premise that unused value is wasted value. -ST
The plunging price of oil, now at five-year lows, will be a boon to many companies that buy crude oil and its derivatives to run their businesses. -ST
Restructuring plan raises question as to whether it is purely a business move. -ST
For Tesla, three fours in a row add up to triple trouble, because the number doesn't signal a whole lot of demand for its cars in China last month. -The Wall Street Journal
Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou's ambition is to build cars for others under contract. -Nikkei Asian Review
The group currently employs about 1.3 million people during peak production times. -Reuters
The automaker will put greater emphasis on performance and less on seniority in order to draw more young talent. -Nikkei Asian Review