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Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014


Dancing groom gets wedding cancelled on the spot

The Star/ANN | Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014

When a bridegroom stood up and danced to the traditional music played by musicians at his marriage ceremony, the bride's family called off the wedding immediately, reported Tamil Nesan.

The marriage between the girl from Karnataka, South India, and the boy from Nanjankudu had been agreed upon a few months ago.

However, on Friday, while the priest was conducting the ceremony that was a prelude to the groom tying the thali (sacred thread) to the bride, he suddenly got up and started dancing - an act that shocked the guests.

A quarrel ensued between both families, which ended in the bride's side cancelling the ceremony.

It did not end up too badly for the bride, though. An "on-the-spot" wedding proposal was made by a youth who was from the girl's village.

Her family accepted him and they got married the same day.

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