The company said turnover was higher mainly due to the consolidation of some $2 billion in revenue. -ST
Policies differ, but both cities known to outperform fiscal plans, says Fitch. -ST
They account for a third of $55b region's investors spent on property worldwide. -ST
Developers have chosen to delist or sell units to a Singapore subsidiary rather than pay fees to hold onto unsold units in a down market. -ST
German lawmakers voted to extend the Greek bailout by four more months, despite some misgivings over willingness to make economic reforms. -ST
January prices slide 1.6 per cent; experts see overall trend as one of declining values. -ST
MAS has been badly hurt financially after the disappearance of Flight MH370 on March 8 last year. -ST
Some propose share consolidation to get share price up during grace period. -ST
Buyer likely eyeing capital appreciation of the property in the medium term, say market watchers. -BT
But its domestic routes and regional flights in ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific will be beefed up. -BT