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Friday, Apr 21, 2017


Only 4 per cent of Uber drivers remain on the platform a year later, says report

CNBC | Chantel McGee | Friday, Apr 21, 2017

Photo: Reuters

Add to the list of problems at Uber: Driver retention.

Only 4 per cent of people who sign up to drive for the ride-hailing service are still driving a year later, according to a report in The Information.

The company's accelerating driver drop off rate is partially due to increased competition from companies like Lyft.

But the number one complaint among Uber drivers is the pay, according to undisclosed data seen by The Information.

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Many Uber drivers have complained about unfair compensation for long trips, and not being able to accept tips.

An Uber spokesman told The Information: "We recognise we need to improve our relationship with drivers and their experience using Uber. We're working on a range of improvements across our products, our policies, our customer support and how we communicate."

The company is considering things like better targeting financial bonuses to certain drivers and allowing tipping, which could allow drivers to earn more, according to The Information. Lyft, its main competitor, already gives riders the option to leave a tip.

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