Lee had become worried after receiving two SMSes notifying her about two of the four dubious transactions. -The Star/ANN
The minimum wage in Australia is AU$16.87, but 85 Degrees Coffee only paid him AU$12 before tax deductions. -China post/ANN
No decision has been made whether to extradite Lim to the US or deport him to his country of origin. -Jakarta Post/ANN
A student ID card entitled one to "special services" at a so-called foot-bath club. -China daily/ANN
He met her through a mutual friend and, after asking her to be his girlfriend, pressured her into having sex with him. -ST
32-year-old found guilty of having commercial sex with underage girl. -ST
Ng Cheng Guan, 56, was also banned from driving for five years. -ST
A total of 17 months' jail - 12 months for sexually penetrating a minor and five months for being absent for urine tests. -TNP
He collides with motorcyclist who dies in hospital. -TNP