After six years of alleged domestic abuse, a 30-year-old cook finally obtained a divorce from her husband. -The Star/ANN
He is the first to be prosecuted for causing a minor to have sex with another person, an offence which carries up to 10 years' jail and/or a fine. -My Paper
Aborted air pistol bank robbery backfires on exec. -ST
On each occasion, between Jan 3 and 11 this year, he made off with a bag or wallet. -ST
Tthree men were suspected of torturing and killing a chained dog with knives. -AFP
British police investigating allegations of historical sex crimes against Cliff Richard. -Reuters
The victims of Jimmy Savile ranged from eight years old to 40, and they included patients, staff and visitors. -AFP
Official reports said warnings of Jimmy Savile, who preyed on victims at hospitals where he volunteered, were ignored. -Reuters
Mirjana Puhar, 19, was among three people whose bodies were found in a home. -Reuters
The 40-year-old Chinese national has some $1.13 million in four OCBC bank accounts and wants to withdraw $12,000 each month. -ST