The peddlers, two men and one woman, were prosecuted separately over the illegal online sale of 490 sets of e-cigarettes worth about $25k. -AsiaOne
The men took RM8,400 (S$3,250) from a counter before fleeing on a motorcycle. -The Star/ANN
Police were working closely with the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to identify illegal gaming facilities and websites. -The Star/ANN
The wealthy Nanjng man, 22, stabbed his wife to death with a fruit knife after suspecting that she was cheating on him. -Stomp
Till today, his exact motive for slashing her remains a big question mark in her mind, as she has always been his confidante. -TNP
Passers-by help to nab alleged molester near Admiralty MRT station by pinning him down. -TNP
Police commend them for swift action and the victim, for raising the alarm. -ST
The teenager was behaving suspiciously at an ATM, and a search conducted by the police found loanshark-related items on him.- AsiaOne
Mentally ill cleaner stabs colleague after having hallucinations. -TNP
Man suffering from schizophrenia attacked fellow cleaner with knife . -ST