She has now advised UFUN Thailand members to lodge complaints with police to try to get their money back from the firm. -The Nation/ANN
The doors of the bank were already closed with its staff doing the final work for the day when the suspect showed up. -China Post/ANN
In a rage, he took out a knife and stabbed the 33-year-old officer on his face and neck, causing him to bleed to death. -The Star/ANN
Among the suspects, aged between 18 and 52, were 26 women, he said. -The Star/ANN
Local media said the cat belonged to an elderly couple who had reported it missing. -AFP
It alleges that Brimager was emailing another girlfriend, the mother of his young daughter, and meanwhile beating Baldelli. -AFP
Muhammad is believed to be the longest-serving inmate to face capital punishment. -ST
Shortly after he was released from prison, he stole a wallet and mobile phone from a woman's bag. -ST
Man jailed for four weeks for insulting modesty -TNP
Men caught in Indonesia allegedly fixed Serie A and Serie B matches. -TNP