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Friday, Jun 27, 2014


Chinese man slashes victim and eats his heart

AsiaOne | Friday, Jun 27, 2014

HUBEI, China - A heated argument between two middle-aged men ended in a gruesome death.

Chu Tian Kuai Bao reported that the attacker, surnamed Ma, met the victim on June 25, at around 7.20am, in a noodle shop.

Not long after a quarrel, Ma took out a knife and started slashing at the victim's throat and chest. He later dug out the deceased's heart and ate it.

After the bloody attack, Ma collapsed onto the ground and remained sitting there until police arrived at the scene around 40 minutes later and arrested him.

According to Apple Daily, witnesses were deeply traumatised by the incident.

Locals speculated that a long-standing dispute between Ma and the deceased triggered the attack.


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