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Saturday, Jun 28, 2014


Indonesian prison drug ring member nabbed

The Jakarta Post/ANN | Saturday, Jun 28, 2014

JAKARTA - The police have arrested a man for transporting crystal methamphetamine (known locally as shabu-shabu) from Way Hui penitentiary in Bandar Lampung and selling the drug to a suspected user.

Bandarlampung Police Drug Unit chief Comr. Sunaryoto disclosed on Friday that the suspect, Toni Ariansyah, 23, was arrested on Thursday at his home in Gunung Sulah subdistrict, Sukarame district, while selling the drugs to Ade Panca.

Sunaryoto said police officers raided the house and found the men were in the midst of a drug transaction. "Police seized four small packages of from Ade, nine packages from Toni and a weight scale."

According to Sunaryoto, Toni claimed that he was just a courier, and said he had been given the drugs by his brother Taufik who is currently serving a term at the penitentiary, while Ade claimed to have been buying the drugs for personal use.

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