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Sunday, Nov 2, 2014


Malaysian fined S$15,800 fine in Brunei for possession of untaxed cigarettes

The Brunei Times/ANN | Sunday, Nov 2, 2014

A malaysian man was fined $15,800 (S$15,800) yesterday after he pleaded guilty to possession of untaxed cigarettes.

The court document stated that customs officers and Narcotics Control Bureau officers stopped a vehicle driven by Chai Siong Thiam from Miri on Thursday.

When Chai told the customs officers that he had nothing to declare, a thorough inspection was subsequently conducted and they found 55 cartons of cigarettes inside the rear compartment of the passenger's seat and inside a speaker box.

Upon investigation, Chai admitted that he had purchased all the seized goods in Miri for RM960 (S$375) and he knew that it was an offence to bring in cigarettes without a permit. The excise duty to be paid for the cigarettes was $2,600.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered Chai to pay the fines immediately or face eight months in jail.

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