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Monday, Jun 16, 2014


Missing girls found enslaved as street buskers in Jakarta

The Jakarta Post/ANN | Monday, Jun 16, 2014

Currently his daughter was still recovering from the traumatizing incident.

A 7-year-old girl who went missing last Wednesday in West Jakarta was found last Saturday, according to her father.

The girl and her friend did not come home from school on Wednesday, and the school's security guard said that they had been picked up by a motorcyclist whose face was covered by his helmet.

The guard said the motorcyclist knew the girls' names.

The girl's father then asked his employer to help him find his daughter, and the employer disseminated photos of her across social media.

The father said that a man named Wawan, who said he recognised the girl's face from the photos, had seen her and her friend in Bekasi, West Java, in the custody of four men. Wawan and his friends confronted the four men and after a long argument they released the girls.

"Wawan said that the men forced the girls to be street buskers. Thankfully, they're both safe now," the father told The Jakarta Post, adding that currently his daughter was still recovering from the traumatizing incident.

The father told tribunnews.com that in January he had received a threatening text message from an unknown person who claimed to know the names of his family members.

"I replied to the message and even tried calling the number, but they never responded. I was afraid that something might happen to my family," he said.

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