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Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014


Wife beaten for forgetting to pack clothes

The Star/ANN | Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014

Posed photo of a punch.

A woman was beaten up by her husband at their home in Putra Heights last Saturday for forgetting to pack his baju Melayu for Hari Raya Haji last weekend.

Harian Metro reported that the victim, in her 30s, was packing for the family for their trip back to their hometown but forgot to include the baju Melayu that was in the wardrobe.

According to sources, the man realised his baju Melayu was not in the luggage and asked his wife, who apologised for forgetting it.

"The suspect could not accept the wife's explanation and verbally abused her until it turned into a big fight.

"The argument turned violent, and the suspect punched the victim in the face," the source said.

He also kicked her in the abdomen causing her to writhe in pain.

The victim made a police report at the Putra Heights police station.

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