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Wednesday, Sep 3, 2014


Women arrested after brandishing knife at Taiwan MRT station

The China Post/ANN | Wednesday, Sep 3, 2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Reports indicate that a woman was arrested at 6 p.m. yesterday evening for brandishing a knife at Jiantan MRT Station (捷運劍潭站).

Police stated that the women had frightened commuters as she waved the knife around.

According to police, the woman, surnamed Lin (林) had boarded the MRT at Shihlin Station and claimed that as she exited the train at Jiantan Station, she was insulted with vile remarks by nearby fellow passengers, and she had attempted to stave off the humiliation by waving a plastic beverage bottle.

Lin later took out a knife, compelling fellow passengers to alert the police, who subdued her and transported her to a nearby precinct.

The police found that Lin has a history of mental illness, they notified her guardians and returned her to her residence. The police gave her a citation for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act (社維法).

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