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Thursday, Apr 10, 2014


You won't believe how fast expert pickpockets can steal an iPad in Malaysia

Stomp | Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

MALAYSIA - All it took was seconds for this man to have his iPad stolen. 

The video clip, circulated on social media, shows the man ordering from a fast food counter.

Pulling out his iPad case from his bag on the counter, he pays the woman before replacing it in his bag.

Not long after, the thieves spring into action. One of them spills something on the ground on his right and stoops to clean it up, while another man uses a bag with a concealed hole for his hand to grab the iPad right out of the man's bag.

Several other people can be seen serving as lookouts to block all angles during the crime.

They soon leave with their prize, leaving the man none the wiser.

This incident is believed to have happened in Malaysia. Based on the timestamp of the video, it apparently happened in July last year.

This article was contributed by the Stomp Team.

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