Users could pull and push objects that are not really there. -AFP
Investigators were digging Thursday to find who initiated and what was taken in an apparent intense hacker effort this month to penetrate the systems of US banks including JPMorgan Chase. -AFP
It will replace its chief executive as part of a major overhaul in the wake of its twin air tragedies this year. -ST
The national day of mourning will see Christians across the nation maintaining a half-day fast in honour of the victims of MH17. -The Star/ANN
The embattled mentri besar has declined to speak with the media. -The Star/ANNA
Robin Williams fans are asking Nintendo to name a character in the next instalment of its "Legend of Zelda" series after him. -AFP
Technology for Google Inc.'s driverless car is being perfected, after which the business model will fall into place. -Reuters
Sworkit, a new fitness app for iPhone and Android devices, takes users through workouts as short as five minutes. -Reuters
San Francisco-based JetPac created application that uses pictures from various social networking sites to create city guides. -Reuters
Kim has established a large fandom in Asia amid huge success in Korean TV show “My Love From The Star.” -Korea Herald/ANN