While VPNs are not difficult to set up for a single device, they become tricky to establish across a series of computers and smartphones. -ST
They have undertaken the necessary security measures to ensure the integrity of their websites and e-services. -ST
While consumers can opt out of 4G, can they get back their 3G 12GB data plans?
Unless you're used to only seeing Galaxy phones, the S5 is no longer the prettiest of the 2014 phones. The HTC One M8, the Oppo Find 7 and the Sony Xperia Z2 are more stylish. -The Brunei Times/...
The HTC One M8, according to reviews, looks better, feels better to hold in the hand, and of course has an extremely refined software to compliment. -The Brunei Times/ANN
New rules to stop online piracy are being proposed. But the tech-savvy will find ways around the blocks. -Digital Life, The Straits Times
With the feature, Facebook takes a page from other location-based services including the network Foursquare. -AFP
Apple will spend an additional $37 billion to buy back shares of the company's stock. -AFP
IDA said "there is significant consumer confusion over the service plans they signed up for". -ST
But it said that there would be an impact on communicating with and persuading current industry stakeholders that its products are secure. -Reuters