A number of online sellers are also offering paid Chinese language tutorials online. -China Daily/ANN
"Men are willing to try unfamiliar sites if prices are lower," said the report. -China Daily/ANN
It is offering mobile ads urging people to install apps on its social network. -Reuters
At least 12 brokerages cut their target price on the stock. But most analysts kept a "buy" rating or equivalent on the company's shares. -Reuters
The optional "nearby friends" feature "helps you discover which friends are nearby or on the go". -AFP
The news came a day after video game competitor Sony said it had sold more than seven million PlayStation 4 consoles since mid-November. -AFP
The S5 looks pretty much like the S4 and the one before that, except that it is thinner. -MyPaper
Police said computer equipment was seized at the suspect's home, and that the investigation is still ongoing. -AFP
Customers claimed they were not aware it was an add-on. -ST
The fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5 costs around $5. -Hardware Zone