Taiwanese singer Huang An is embracing his grandparenting duties. -ST
Hospital officials said 85 bodies found after the guns fell silent at 8am. -Reuters
Some cited it as evidence of Apple collaboration with the National Security Agency. -Reuters
4 more schools than last year involved in tomorrow's exercise. -ST
Consumers won't have to jump through hoops when buying Kindle e-books once a new online store opens here in September. -ST
Surf the Internet, stream movies and watch programmes in 3D. -ST
Popularity of the game continues to grow, contributing to the three-fold rise in size of prize pool. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times
A future in which it is difficult to tell man and machine apart could soon become reality, scientists say, after recent robotic breakthroughs in Japan. -AFP
A wise-cracking humanoid robot called Pepper whose makers claim can read people's emotions was unveiled in Tokyo last month. -AFP
Yahoo's hopes for renewed stardom on the Internet stage are being pinned on a song. -AFP