Iran has a policy of filtering online content, which leaves popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube inaccessible. -AFP
The delay is the latest in a series of setbacks for Microsoft in China. -Reuters
Apple's iPhone 6 Plus uses chips from Qualcomm and SK Hynix. -Reuters
It may house a slew of killer apps, but some Chinese call it "the kidney killer". -China Daily/ANN
The iOS 8 mobile operating system will be available free for download to many iPhone and iPad models. -AFP
Its hike is the sharpest - a $5 increase from its current $38 basic plan. -My Paper
Hollywood star Robin Williams, who died August 11 and was a devoted video game fan, has made a subtle cameo in "World of Warcraft," as promised by gamemaker Blizzard Entertainment. -AFP
The two tech firms are showcasing high-tech gadgets that they have codeveloped with their global partners. -Korea Herald/ANN
Compared with the current iPhone 5s, it is rumored that the planned launch of a new phone by the tech giant will be a big improvement on the present version. -China Daily/ANN
Taking bribery through e-commerce channels, such as the WeChat "red envelope" and the prepaid e-card, is being put under the microscope in China's latest efforts to fight graft. -China...