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Keychain that is a battery charger, flash drive, remote control rolled into one

AsiaOne | Monday, Jun 30, 2014

Smartphones are getting bigger, slimmer, and smarter, but the battery department isn't keeping up with the race. That has created a market for portable battery chargers.

The latest portable battery charger to join the fray is the crowd-funded GOkey, which is:

A charger

A USB cable

A keychain

Lost and found locator

Remote control

and Data storage device rolled into one.

Touting itself as a convenient keychain to meet your primal digital needs, the GOkey has minimal juice (400 mAh) - barely enough to charge a smartphone for up to two hours on the iPhone 5S, which has a capacity of 1,440 mAh.

You can also sync your smartphone to the computer with the device.

Download the GOkey app and you can locate your keys with the GOkey keychain. This lost and found feature works the other way round as well; click on the keychain and the app will sound an alarm.

The GOkey button also doubles up as a remote, allowing users to control songs, take photos or videos, present slides, and answer and reject incoming calls.

There are two versions of the GOkey: a MicroUSB version for Android and Window phones or the Lightning version for iPhones. Three memory sizes are available; 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

GOkey has raised an impressive S$1,077,892 so far on crowd funding website Indiegogo. Read more about it here.


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