Thai police found scores of sick and exhausted boat people hiding on a remote island on Monday. -Reuters
Study found that some systems offering hands-free communications for tasks such as navigation or changing radio stations can create "cognitive distractions", compromising safety. -AFP
Drivers using hands-free virtual assistants like Apple's Siri can be distracted by the technology, creating safety hazards. -AFP
Users can also customise 3D figurines using a face scanner available at the outlet. -ST
The hacking of celebrities' accounts has brought home the risks of letting others store your information. -China Daily/ANN
It is being turned into a science-fiction movie. -AFP
The 2-in-1 LINE app allows mobile subscribers to host two numbers on one SIM card. -My Paper
It aims to recapture lucrative business market, which generally ignored new-look Windows 8. -Reuters
FBI director James Comey hit out at Apple and Google over new data-security measures designed to reassure customers wary of government prying. -AFP
Techventure 2014 will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre on Sept 24. -AsiaOne