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Chai Hung Yin
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

News, Science And Tech

Taking it to the next dimension

The New Paper | Chai Hung Yin | Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(From left) Mr Lai Yeow Ming, Mr Aaron Boo, Mr Zen Chen and Mr David Chua of Fabbox.

Imagine never having to buy products from a store again.

Need a new mug? A spare part for a device or maybe some new glasses frames? Just print them.

It is possible that 3D printers will be a ubiquitous object in homes as regular paper printers are today.

In fact, a forecast by London-based research firm Visiongain says the worldwide 3D printing technologies market will be worth US$3.32 billion ($4.26 billion) this year.

Here, the technology is picking up speed.

More companies are joining the scene and tomorrow, Nanyang Technological University will launch its $30 million 3D printing research centre.

The New Paper on Sunday speaks to some companies here which utilise the power of three-dimensions.

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