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Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

News, Science And Tech

Windows XP support ends, but OS widespread

The Japan News/ANN | Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

Microsoft Corp. ended support for Windows XP on Wednesday, but 6 million personal computers still rely on the operating system.

The end of support for the operating system means that bugs in the OS will no longer be fixed, and the risk of cyber-attacks will increase. But used PCs using Windows XP are still sold at secondhand stores, and some local governments will be unable to immediately upgrade their XP-based systems.

It is believed that close to 6 million PCs, including home computers, still run Windows XP, a fact that has prompted experts to raise an alert. "Using an operating system with security holes poses a risk of computers being used to perpetrate cyber-attacks outside of the user's awareness," one expert said.

Windows XP was released by Microsoft in 2001. Due to its user-friendly features and the lack of popularity of subsequent operating systems, Windows XP's market share once accounted for around 80 per cent of PCs.

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