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Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013

News, Singapore

Yet another Singapore website hacked by Anonymous hacktivist group

AsiaOne | Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013

A screenshot of local football forum kallangroars.com taken at 12:10pm on Sept 11, 2013.

SINGAPORE - Local football forum kallangroar.com has been hacked by a group of hackers claiming to be from the Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force (MMCF).

In a message left on the website, MMCF claimed to be part of the Anonymous umbrella of hackers.

MMCF added that they were targeting the social media accounts and websites of groups with racist affiliations, although it is unclear why kallangroar.com was targeted.

The Singapore U-23 football team will be facing Myanmar's U-23 football team tonight (Sept 11) in the Merdeka Tournament.

In their Facebook page, MMCF said that they had hacked into several websites, such as Melbourne Victory Football Club's forum website, as well as a string of other sports and technology forums.

All the compromised websites appear to be unrelated, although they had the same messages from the hackers, notably, a warning not to "touch our Islamic website, Facebook, [and] Gmail [accounts]".

Earlier in September, another hacktivist group by the name of The Messiah managed to infiltrate the official website of City Harvest Church co-founder and pop singer Ho Yeow Sun.


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