There are now more eco-friendly fashion labels on the market than ever before. -ST Urban
Do as much research as possible on the clinic or hospital that you are interested in, by visiting their website and going on forums for independent reviews. -ST Urban
Singaporeans head to Seoul and Bangkok for cheaper procedures and the different looks that doctors in both cities specialise in. -ST Urban
Why keep those cute motifs to Easter? -TNP
Most men and women assume they do not need anti-ageing skincare until they start seeing lines and wrinkles, but Dr Low Chai Ling says that is waiting too long. -ST Urban
Former Singapore supermodel Pat Kraal returns to work after two decades and divorce. -TNP
After winning an Oscar and a lucrative advertising deal the actress was named on Wednesday as the world's most beautiful woman for 2014 by People magazine. -Reuters
She reckons that the only thing standing between her and her childhood dream is her misaligned teeth. -TNP
Actress Han Ga-in, 32, and her husband, actor Yeon Jung-hoon, 36, are expecting their first child after 9 years of marriage. -Korea Herald/ANN
When she did not play a piece perfectly, she said her mother and her music teacher would slap her. -TNP