The Tokyo politician tasked with preventing sexism in the city's assembly ran into trouble Wednesday after making light of an episode of sexist jeering that drew outrage in Japan and beyond. -AFP
With age, Bardot has lurched to the far-right, increasingly prone to illiberal remarks on gays, Muslims and immigrants. -AFP
Indomitable editor in chief of Vogue's American edition revealed personal details in video. -AFP
The 42-year-old artiste and former TV news anchor Yu married in 2011. -The Star/ANN
May Myat Noe, 16, said she would only return her crown if South Korean pageant organisers apologised and denied accepting free breast implants. -AFP
Lynn Ban's edgy jewellery is worn by stars such as Rihanna and Beyonce. -ST
Chanel Lyn idolises her brother Teddy, who is three years older than her. -TNP
She has gone for at least six procedures in one year to improve her appearance; she says she definitely looks better now. -TNP
Wedding pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt grace this week's edition of Hello! and People magazine. -Lollipop, ST
Yves Carcelle was the man credited with turning Louis Vuitton into world's biggest luxury brand by revenue. -Reuters