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Deepika Shetty
Thursday, May 22, 2014


Bosworth keeps it clean and simple

The Straits Times | Deepika Shetty | Thursday, May 22, 2014

Many women shy away from the topic of their age.

Not Kate Bosworth.

"I love being in my 30s. I feel I know myself well enough," the 31-year-old actress said on Sunday while in town to attend the Oscar de la Renta show at the Audi Fashion Festival.

During a 20-minute group interview, she talked mostly about her minimalist style in fashion and beauty. But the message that came across strongest was the ease with which she has embraced her age.

She voluntarily spoke about turning 30, the changes in her body and urged women across the globe to "embrace" their age.

She spoke about what she called "the obsession with ageing", and stressed the need to "embrace the change, in our bodies and regard each day and each year in our life as a gift".

Dressed in a short, sleeveless beige dress with bright orange lips providing the only pop of colour, she talked about her clean, minimal style of dressing and make-up.

"I am pretty low-maintenance with make-up. I like things I can get my hands into and work my hands into. I do not like wearing a lot of make-up. If I have a routine that works well, I do not stray away from it."

The celebrity face of Japanese skincare brand SK-II revealed that one costeffective beauty trick she has is to use coconut oil on dry skin.

"It works wonders. Always," says the actress who shot to fame as a tanned surfer in the 2002 movie Blue Crush.

The one thing she never leaves home without is a lip moisturiser.

Apart from the SK-II skincare products she effectively plugged during the interview, she spoke also of "eating clean, drinking a lot of water and hot herbal tea".

On her clean, minimal style which has won her nods from fashion writers and stylists, she said comfort is key.

"You always see me in sunglasses. Over here I was wearing jeans and a blazer. If you feel comfortable, you feel confident. It is about knowing your uniform. I love denim. I do not like things that are too tricky or constrictive or clothes which need constant adjustments when you are in them."

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