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Tan Sin Chow, Loshana K Shagar,
Monday, Jun 30, 2014


Former Playboy bunny's Muslim name 'derived from a dream'

The Star/ANN | Tan Sin Chow, Loshana K Shagar, | Monday, Jun 30, 2014

Former model Felixia Yeap, who will be converting to Islam on July 3, said her chosen Muslim name was derived from a dream.

Mingguan Malaysia reported that Yeap, 28, had a dream where the name appeared in writing before her, but she did not know what it meant then.

"I was surprised to find I could remember the name after I woke up. It is a sign that I should adopt this name after converting," she said.

Yeap declined to reveal the name before her conversion but said it was a reference to a royal leader.

A former Playboy bunny and swimwear model, Yeap surprised many when she chose to don the hijab earlier this year.

Two days ago, she announced that she would be converting to Islam on the fifth day of Ramadan, which was also her birthday. Her family was supportive of her decision.

"When I first changed my ways, my mother had asked if I was serious about converting.

"However, when she noticed my behaviour was changing for the better, she accepted my decision," said Yeap.

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