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Saturday, Aug 30, 2014


Guests at Kenny Bee's Wedding in Bali told to pay for flight and lodging

The Star/ANN | Saturday, Aug 30, 2014

A Hong Kong tabloid reported that several guests attending artiste Kenny Bee's wedding in Bali were unhappy after being asked to pay for their air tickets and hotel stay.

In the report published by China Press, each guest was said to have forked out at least RM8,000($3,000) for accommodation.

One of them reportedly refused to pay and decided to stay elsewhere as a "protest" over the arrangement.

Kenny Bee, 62, splurged about RM2mil to marry his long-time girlfriend Fan-jiang Su-zhen in Bali on Aug 25.

According to the daily, the guests received invitation cards two months before the big day.

However, they were told to pay for their hotel stay upon receiving the invitation.

Meanwhile, Kenny Bee issued an apology to his wife over the report.

"I am sorry that you have to go through all this. A fabricated report won't hurt us," the daily quoted him as saying.

Nevertheless, Kenny Bee said he would donate his "red packet" money (customary monetary gift) to the Amyotropic Lateral Sclerolis (ALS) association.

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