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Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014


He charges $600 an hour to be a "CNY boyfriend"

The Straits Times | Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014

It is easy to understand why the man sitting in front of me is the most popular male social escort for the Chinese New Year.

He is tall, handsome with or without his spectacles - a nonprescriptive accessory to give him the "intelligent" look - and looks like the man your parents will definitely approve.

Add to that his ability to speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and some Hokkien.

Fred is his booking moniker with his escort agency, but he asks that we do not use his real name as his family members do not know he is working as a social escort.

The Singapore Management University student has only half of the first Chinese New Year day set aside for his personal visits - he is booked for the rest of the 15 days.

The most number of sessions he has is for today - six.

He charges $600 per hour and requires a minimum of two hours per booking.

On top of that, if he has to play mahjong or any other game during the festivities, any losses he incurs has to be borne by the client.

He has been doing this for three years and hopes he can quit after he graduates.

Fred, 23, takes on such jobs to help pay his school fees.

He said: "I feel it's fine since there is no sex involved."

But holding hands and acting loveydovey are all part of the services he provides.

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