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Friday, Feb 21, 2014

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Instant affairs

Her World | Ruby Tan | Friday, Feb 21, 2014

Like a predator cruising at a bar, he scans the profile pictures of various women and chats them up with a "Hi, how are you?" Small talk quickly leads to more intimate topics like sex. Within a week, he's arranged a date to meet for sex.

Anonymous, discreet and quick. That's what some Singaporean men seem to be engaged in thanks to Wechat, an increasingly popular messaging app.

It has even attracted serial womanisers like George*, 39, who claims he's used it to hook up with over 20 women over six months. Th e app, which has "friend-fi nding" functions similar to apps like Blendr and Skout, allows him to approach any woman who shows up on his screen. He meets up with women over Wechat about twice a week.

Never mind that George, who works in the engineering line, is a married father of two young girls. Throughout our interview, he is shockingly cavalier about cheating on his wife of nine years.

"I start with small talk before paying a woman compliments to make her feel special. I lead into the topic of sex by asking about her sex life and from there, the texts become more fl irtatious and sexual - often, we'd end up sending raunchy photos or videos to each other.

He boasts about how it takes him just around a week to score with a girl. The longest he's waited? Five weeks. "She was totally worth it -she was hot, excellent in bed and a good conversationalist. I won't waste my time meeting a girl if it doesn't lead to a happy ending," he adds nonchalantly.

And as long as there's Wechat, he's not worried that his wife will find out. With a few clicks, he can log out of the app when he gets home.

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