Their mobile app, which aims to reduce food waste, was picked as the winner by judges at the finals of Shell Ideas360. -AsiaOne
Under the home-school distance priority scheme, students who have managed to get places in primary schools are required to live in the address for at least 30 months from the start of the exercise. -...
Children whose parents were professionals were exposed to far more spoken words. -ST
There is an arms race going on between students in the scramble to the top and the arms dealers are the tuition centres. -ST
Student remained faceless throughout by wearing a hood over his head. -My Paper
The ESSEC EMBA Asia-Pacific teaches participants to harness their innate problem-solving aptitude and to rise to the challenge. -AsiaOne
Students claim racial prejudice but many varsities say priority is diverse community. -ST
Projects studying new ways to save energy may help industry players. -ST
He also reveals the brains behind his National Day Rally visuals. -AsiaOne
In their early years, children are guided, nurtured and shaped through the identity, values, experiences and native language of their parents. -tabla!