End-2019 completion for JC which will mainly take IP students from 3 schools. -ST
Answer keys to the national exam priced up to Rp 14 million. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Private school is first here to get highest mark of quality. -ST
Highest amount so far, but shy of target; principal thankful for support. -ST
Apart from the contentious use of the term "half-price tuition," there is also no guarantee that colleges would continue to refrain from raising tuition fees. -Korea Herald/ANN
A mind-boggling mathematics problem purportedly set as homework for a Primary 5 pupil turned out to be a question meant for upper secondary students. -My Paper
It also does not seem to be enough, as rates of unemployment and underemployment are rising among degree holders. -ST
"Quality" would encompass quality of graduates, institutions and the overall system. -The Star/ANN
Their children are inundated with so much tuition, co-curricular activities and school assignments that they are struggling to cope. -TNP
There are around 60,000 students applying to take Chinese Language 6351 every year. -The Star/ANN