The ringgit has weakened considerably against the greenback and this has added a whole new dimension to Malaysian students aspiring to study in the United States. -The Star/ANN
Pupils may not have grasped the precise nature of the scientific language, and are using the wrong words. -My Paper
These budding gardeners were keen to try their hand at gardening as part of the SG50 School Gardening Project. -TNP
NTU students have had their interests and career choices profiled via a psychometric test provided by STJobs and C-Vat. -AsiaOne
Bases in top research hubs will help build global mindset in students. -ST
Plans are under way to launch its first base in London by the end of this year. -My Paper
Immersing children in Mandarin early can help them grasp the language better, but parents want to retain an element of English too. -ST
It is said that Americans have been losing interest in studying Japan at the same time that interest in China has grown at US universities. -Japan News/ANN
Using methods ranging from old-fashioned crib sheets to high-tech spy cameras, cheating is common in India. -AFP
Pohang University of Science and Technology slid to second place, with Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne snatching the top spot. -Korea Herald/ANN