Projects studying new ways to save energy may help industry players. -ST
He also reveals the brains behind his National Day Rally visuals. -AsiaOne
In their early years, children are guided, nurtured and shaped through the identity, values, experiences and native language of their parents. -tabla!
Nobel Peace Prize winner urged South Korea to direct its education toward making children happier and cultivating openness to the world and devotion to the community. -Korea Herald/ANN
Minister of Education Wu Se-hwa apologized publicly over junior high school examination irregularities but lawmakers are calling for his resignation. -China Post/ANN
Hub’s development is encouraging and slated to start operations by June next year. -The Star/ANN
They can update skills with modules lasting one to two months. -ST
This was the first time NUS has made it into the ranking of the top 85 schools. -ST
Main focus would be on improving quality of education rather than boosting enrollment numbers. -Reuters
She made a turnaround and has been accepted this year by the National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. -ST