Parents and relatives had been invited to celebrate the success of their children's development into proactive students. -tabla!
MDIS grad's mother pawned jewellery to pay first semester university fees. -tabla!
Chess prodigy Samuel Sevian won all four of his games to push his World Chess Federation rating past 2,500 points - enough to secure Grandmaster status. -AFP
Velox-CI will be Singapore's first climate satellite, while Velox II is an experimental communication satellite. -ST
Residents in Ren Ci's newest nursing home could be getting their medication from a "smart" trolley that matches them to the drugs they are supposed to take. -ST
Through these goals, it aims to propel itself as a flagship university of the Incheon region, and ultimately of Northeast Asia, university officials said. -Korea Herald/ANN
80 per cent of China's rich have plans to send their children abroad for studies, the highest percentage in the world. -China Daily/ANN
Intake now 1,700, but A-level holders need at least an A and 2 Bs. -ST
The woman often described as the founding mother of social work in Singapore. -ST
Fukuoka Women's University was the only public institution in the area to offer the course, and the young man could not afford to apply to a private college, the Asahi reported. -AFP