Economic growth in Central Asia has led to increased demand for higher education, it says. -tabla!
The Photonics Institute, launched today at NTU, will comprise five different research centres, all related to the field of photonics and optics. -AsiaOne
The endowment marks the latest gift to a prestigious US university by Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, the husband-and-wife duo behind real estate giant SOHO China. -AFP
What are we assessing? Are we looking at academic grades, speed of learning, or former students' contributions to society? -ST
The library is said to be the first to "seek and integrate public feedback into its design, collection and services". -ST
The scholarship was launched in January 2014 to develop and nurture talent for the power sector. -AsiaOne
By making education a priority, Muslim countries could unlock new opportunities for their people and nation states, says the PM.
Ease with which disgraced maths tutor resumed business triggers alarm and calls for stricter govt controls. -ST
Filipino architect Ronald Kendrick Rosilio believes it could be a great site for a pre-school. -ST
University has big plans to become start-up hub. -ST